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Giant underwater sculpture

Under water sculptures are not something you see every day. I got certified for scuba diving a few years back and tend to get excited when i find anything different underwater.. Just imagine swimming up to this 18′ tall rock giant lurking under sea. This masterpiece  was created by the artist Jason deCaires Taulor.  Jason has numerous works of under masterpieces such as the underwater sculpture park. Jasons latest sculpture is located off the coast of Nassau in the bahamas.

In effort to keep to add beauty with out affecting the environment the statue is made from a PH-neutral cement.  This marine safe compound allows for corals and other reef inhabitants to thrive and create a natural reef around the underwater art.  If you are ever in Nassau be sure to put on those flippers and snorkel or dive out to see this underwater work of art.


snorkeling-destination-dive-park underwater-statue statue-admiring-the-sun marine-reef-sculpture


Watermelon carvings

I have seen some pretty amazing ice sculptures and carvings but never in watermelon.. while that is until today. I know this isn’t directly an illusion but its pretty amazing to see what kinda of faces and creations people can make out of watermelon! Who knew it wasn’t just for eating? and the best part is.. if you mess up or don’t like your carving you can just eat it..  just try not to eat it before you finish. Check out these amazing carvings below. the detail is impressive.. at least for watermelon!


watermelon-bear shar-monkey-watermellon viking-waternelon shrunken-head-watermelon watermellon-aligator

Fercos Brothers Water Levitation Optical Illusion

Fercos Brothers Water Levitation Optical Illusion is a pretty awesome magic show. I have always been amazed as magicians trying to figure out how they pull off their amazing illusions. Levatiation Optical Illusions, have always been a crowd pleaser’s. I know back in the day they would have a thin bar going behind the curtains holding up the lovely assistant, and the hope passing under was all in how you maneuver it.  In this optical illusion the Fercos brothers are lacking a curtain, so unless there is somethings hidden by the water im at a loss for this one.. any ideas?

Levitation on top of water!

Underwater Candle Flame Optical Illusion

Underwater Candle Flame Optical Illusion is once crazy illusion.  First time I have seen a flame under water! It nicely compliments the liquid Water Flame Optical Illusion.  So how the heck do you think they do it? unless theres some high tech water proof flames lol.  But if it was a fake glass with a acrylic lid it would suffocate the flame and go out within a few seconds, so very quick with the photography or how the heck would they of pulled it off?

Underwater candle flame!

Underwater American Flag Illusion

Underwater American Flag Illusion was created by but a spectacular array of underwater landscape. This giant American flag was created by under water landscape of colored rocks. These painted rocks were spread out underwater to create this giant flag along the bay in this tropical paradise. it might seem a little strange to see these red and white lines off the bow of the boat, from up in the air you see this landscapes true beauty. Be sure to keep submitting these amazing optical illusions.

Giant American Flag lines the floor of this tropical bay.

Amazing Moat Bed Floating over Water

The Amazing Moat Bed Floating over Water is an architectural masterpiece. Just like the medieval days where there was there was a moat around your castle, you can now have the same piece of mind with a moat around your bed. This moat bed looks pretty wild but may be a bit of a hassle if you need to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. be sure to check out some of these other architectural masterpieces.

Bed Floating in a moat

Walking Across Water Optical Illusion

Walking Across Water Optical Illusion is one of those perfect snapshot illusions created by taken a photo at just the right time. This one is a synchronized swimmer as she dives into the water below. In order to capture thes type of shots you need a a fairly expensive camera that has an extremely fast shutter speed. If any of you have captured any of these amazing perfect snapshot illusions be sure to submit them!

Synchronized swimmer walking across water

Square Watermelon Illusion

The Square Watermelon is not just an optical illusion, it has actually been developed by farmers in Zentusji a southern Japanese town. These watermelons are not just a marketing gimmick they serve a practical purpose as well. Japan is a very populated country that lacks space, these square watermelons are the perfect spacing shape and make it convenient for shipping. The watermelons were growing in square tempered glass containers that house the watermelon on the vine and and aid them in shaping them into a perfect square. There is no more awkward stacking of round fruit, this is the ultimate space saving watermelon!

Japanese square watermelon growing in special acrylic boxes

Japanese square watermelons are the perfect space saving idea.

Underwater Sculpture Park

This Underwater Sculpture Park in simply amazing, these pieces were all created on land and taken down about 4-6m to their underwater resting place divers and snorkelers to see. This is a creative twist on an art gallery! Jason Taylor is the master mind behind these under water sculptures. Jason has gained international recognition for his art work in using it to help build an artificial underwater reef. I hope to visit these in person some time, I just got my Diving certification last summer! Aside from being side tracked enjoy this magnificent underwater art gallery!

Underwater statue office worker, poor guys is typing at his desk till the bitter end!

Underwater statue of an office worker at his desk

Statue before it is taken down to its underwater resting place

artwork underwater

Underwater lady statue surrounded by fish

Underwater Face sculpture

Statue of Women laying on the ocean floor

Underwater statues laying on the ocean floor

Underwater circle of children

Underwater children statues

underwater art faces

Underwater Mask art

Walking Under Water Optical Illusion

This is a neat Walking Under Water Optical Illusion, its been a fantasy of most people to be able to walk under water and be able to hang out with the fish and the dolphins. The people in the pictures below dont have weights on there feet and hidden scuba tanks 😛
This Under Water illusion was created by having a large sheet of glass with a few feet of water on top of it, from the surface it looks like its a pool full of water. On the under side there is a tunnel leading to the dry open area for people to freely wonder with out risk of drowning! Its a neat effect no matter what side of the water you are on.

Walking Under Water Optical Illusion

Standing Under Water

Under Water Looking up

under water optical illusion

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