Fercos Brothers Water Levitation Optical Illusion

Fercos Brothers Water Levitation Optical Illusion is a pretty awesome magic show. I have always been amazed as magicians trying to figure out how they pull off their amazing illusions. Levatiation Optical Illusions, have always been a crowd pleaser’s. I know back in the day they would have a thin bar going behind the curtains holding up the lovely assistant, and the hope passing under was all in how you maneuver it.  In this optical illusion the Fercos brothers are lacking a curtain, so unless there is somethings hidden by the water im at a loss for this one.. any ideas?

Levitation on top of water!

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  • Hello,
    I would like to ask about a water levitation presented by David Copperfield. Is it possible to buy this trick in your shop?
    With kind regards
    Ewelina Bukowska

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