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Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Aside from being a fashion accessory motor bike helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can have while riding your motorcycle. Light colored helmets have always been a good way to increase your viability and keep you safe on the road. Other then a boring white helmet how about a florescent tennis ball or a green watermelon! These Illusion motorcycle helmets are a great way to draw attention to your self on the road! I recently started riding a motorcycle and have learned how most drives simply do not see you and will most likely cut you off.. Anything you can to to be “seen” is a big plus on rider safety. So why not upgrade your old plain helmet to one of these creative designs and make sure drivers take a second take as their eyes scan the road. Enjoy these fun and creative helmets!

8ball motorcycle helmet

Bald Head Motorcycle Helmet

Bowling Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Brain Motorcycle Helmet

Diamond Motorcycle Helmet

Lady Hair Motorcycle Helmet

Globe Motorcycle Helmet

Golf Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Male Head Motorcycle Helmet

Nude Bum Motorcycle Helmet

Tennis Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Watermellon Motorcycle Helmet

MADD Anti Drinking and Driving Ad

MADD aka Mothers Against Drunk Driving have always been good at finding cleaver ways to promote their anti drinking and driving campaigns. Another almost shocking anti drinking and driving ad is the 3D drinking and driving bathroom sticker ad. The Ad below uses a poster of a car that skidded out and crashed into the urinal, with just some pre printed skid marks and a bit of crinkled paper this ad gave me a chuckle yet still manages to make a good point! So remember boys and girls, don’t drink and drive.
MADD Anti Drinking and Driving AD

MADD Anti Drinking and Driving AD

Painted Building Mural Illusion

Need a new way to brighten up the neighborhood? Just around the side of this building is a bright and color full mural of the building its its neighbors.  Such murals are a good way to brighten up dark  alleys or make over an old graffiti wall.  Another cool similar idea is of a building in Paris that was fitted with warped molding and painted as if it was a melting building.  And of course theirs always the Quebec city mural.


 Painted Building Mural Illusion

Body Paint Optical Illusions

Body Paint Optical Illusions can be pretty cool. Like some of the body paint clothing and the astrological body paint I have always loved this type of art. The ones below are kind of strange but and a little different. The first is a Superman Body paint with a bit missing on the back end. The second is kind of an Adam and Eve kind of look. The third… well those puppies are kind of self explanatory. Forth is of a giant violin painted to the contours of her body. Last but not least is a face painted on the girls breath and the mouth and nose on her stomach, this one kind of looks photoshopped to me so not 100% if its body paint (according to the person who submitted it it is but ill let you guys decide) Its pretty trippy picture.

Superman body paint

Eve body paint

Painted Puppies!

Violin Body Paint

Face on breast and belly - very strange picture

Little People Optical Illusion

Little People Optical Illusion is a perspective optical illusion similar to the miniature people optical illusion. When playing with your camera lining up people at different people within close and further depths can gives some pretty cool shots. Then of course you could always just find some munchkins or umpalumpas! Another classic example of a perspective optical illusion is Ames room  which appears cubic but in actuality is a very oblong shape, viewed straight on gives a very cool perspective illusion.

Eating the little people optical illusion

Little People in the snow Optical Illusion

Little people and the pringles can optical illusion

Miniature man on the rocks optical illusion

National Geographic Zebra Shadow Illusion

National Geographic Zebra Illusion is another great photo taken by National Geographic.  When first viewed the photo appears to be of a heard of black stallions running through a field.   Upon clocer inspection the black stallions are actually giant shadows of the zebra, with the zebra being the little striped stubs under the stallions feet.  This picture is really similar to another one previously posted from national geographic of a similar effect with camels. See the national geographic camels photo. as always keep submitting these amazing illusions.

Zebra “stallion” shadow optical illusion taken by National Geographic

20 Best Eye Catching Ads of 2007

To bring in the new Years we have put together the 20 Best Eye Catching Ads of 2007. There are tuns of cleaver ads, all that would most defiantly catch your eye! Enjoy some of the most Extreme and Eye catching Ads of 2007.

The first is one of my favorites, its not even an illusion, they actually mounted the Subarus upside down on the trailer! pretty crazy, I almost thought it was painted at first! Also be sure to check out many other Transportation ads including the actual painted trucks! The Second ad is for the new FedEx line of office products cleaver way to draw attention.

Subaru Upside Down trailer ad

Fedex whiteout cross walk ad

This one features a gun painted on the shopping bag, for ASPE.. looks pretty real in my opinion!

Aspen Gun Shopping Bag

Those BIC Permanent markers really last.. I bet that autograph has been there a while!

Bic Permanent Marker Ad

Watch out for those poles!

Car crash into pole accident

Chinese Japaneses gym ad

If this add dosnt make you want to quit smoking.. i don’t know what would!

Bus Exhaust No smoking ad

FMH boobs on mini

That glass is so clean the poor guy cant even see it! hee thats must be some amazing glass cleaner!
Fish Bowl Glass Cleaner Ad
subway barbell ad

Always Coca-Cola Ad

Martial arts cracked pavement ad

MR Clean crosswalk Sidewalk Ad

Nail Biter shopping bag

This one is a super cool one by National Geographic, defiantly an eye catcher.

National Geographic Shark Bus Ad

Talk about Try before you buy, its a good way to see how the new watch would look on you. Clever spot to place an ad.

Pilot Watch Subway Ad

Now this one defiantly fits into the Extreme Ad category. I love these illusions.

Soccer Ball through Building Ad

Tudo Sobre Black Music Ad

YKM Gym Shopping Bag

The Moon Illusion

The summer moon often plays many tricks on your eyes. When rises in the east it appears very large when it first peaks over the horizon. This is what is referred to as the moon illusion. When you first see the moon it looks incredibly big to the human eye but oddly enough cameras don’t see it but your eyes do; this is the real illusion.

No matter what position in the sky the moon is it is always the exact same size, as of why this illusion occurs.. Scientist are still not 100% sure. One thingis for sure, the best time to view this illusion is when the moon first rise!

Moon Illusion
This photo was taken by Shay Stephens, it is a time lapse sequence of the moon rising over Seattle.

10 Amazing Tree Optical Illusions

These 10 Amazing Tree Optical Illusions are some of the coolest trees I have ever seen! Every once in a while you see tress with an anomalies that make it grow in a strange manner. Some of these anomalies are influenced by man while others are just spectacular artworks of nature. Tree brances can be altered by applying a force and causing it go grow around something, or by directing the light source; Trees always grow towards the light.

Either 10 tress are nothing less than amazing, mother nature is just giving us all a little eye candy.

The first tree has a bike through the middle of it, this would of been cause over many years from a as the tree grew around the bicycle.

Amazing Bike Tree optical illusion
This Tree has grown as a giant column with a very interesting intricate design through the stump.

Amazing Column Tree Optical Illusion

This Split tree has to be one of the most amazing ones i have ever seen, it hast to been influenced by man, the arms are to perfectly equal, and for it to connect back up with it self.. super neat though!
Amazing Split Tree Optical Illusion

The Chain Tree
Chain Tree Optical illusion

The Fat Tree, this thing is huge!
Fat Tree Optical Illusion

The Mushroom Tree Farm! this one is defiantly man made but a cool illusion.
Mushroom Forest Optical Illusion

The Six Branch Tree
Six Branch tree Optical Illusion

The Snake Tree
Snake Tree Optical Illusion

Tree Arch – Very cute archway!
Tree Arch Optical Illusion

wavy Tree
wavy Tree