Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Aside from being a fashion accessory motor bike helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can have while riding your motorcycle. Light colored helmets have always been a good way to increase your viability and keep you safe on the road. Other then a boring white helmet how about a florescent tennis ball or a green watermelon! These Illusion motorcycle helmets are a great way to draw attention to your self on the road! I recently started riding a motorcycle and have learned how most drives simply do not see you and will most likely cut you off.. Anything you can to to be “seen” is a big plus on rider safety. So why not upgrade your old plain helmet to one of these creative designs and make sure drivers take a second take as their eyes scan the road. Enjoy these fun and creative helmets!

8ball motorcycle helmet

Bald Head Motorcycle Helmet

Bowling Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Brain Motorcycle Helmet

Diamond Motorcycle Helmet

Lady Hair Motorcycle Helmet

Globe Motorcycle Helmet

Golf Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Male Head Motorcycle Helmet

Nude Bum Motorcycle Helmet

Tennis Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Watermellon Motorcycle Helmet

15 Commentsto Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Painted Motorcycle Helmets
  1. RidinWind says:

    Those are pretty cool. I especially like the golf ball one!

  2. ShayDee44 says:

    I love these helmets are they actually available to purchase?

  3. swoop says:

    I was wondering where one may be able to buy one of these helmets

  4. emylo27 says:

    Get me one.How can i get one?

  5. pgcalla says:

    Four comments, three of them asking if the helmets can be purchased. Mine is the next in this stream. Info please.

  6. Arnie says:

    Hi, Send me imfo on ordering one of these helmets. I’m nearly bald ,so I need one with hair. Do you have any ATV helmets available ? Arnie

  7. lump says:

    GOT TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!! please let me know how i can getmy head on one. THANXXXX.

  8. Mucky Duck says:

    Calm down you Muppets. They are clearly photoshopped if you care to spend 2 minutes of your lives looking at them carefully.

  9. Viking says:

    How would I buy these helmets??

  10. gdmkgm says:

    Where can I get one?

    iget one?

  11. Jon says:

    Where could I buy one of these helmets?

  12. muhammad says:

    wow i love the 8ball motorcycle helmet its soooooo great

  13. Nikita says:

    Hey, no info how to purchase the helmets? At least, please, what is the creator’s name?? if I try to manage it by myself, I want to write down the name of the person who’s idea was it.. Btw, great idea! love them all!! But the globe is the best for me..

  14. DORITA says:

    Where can I buy this helmets

  15. Nafeer Shah says:

    Where can I buy these helmets??

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