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Lifes to Short Optical Illusion 2

Life’s to Short Optical Illusion 2 is one of advertisements about how life is to short to stay in the wrong job.  Their advertisement campaign consisted of putting realistic stickers of people doing dirty jobs inside of common machines.  Some of their previous ads were the Gas Pump Optical Illusion and the life’s to short Optical Illusions which featured a man working inside of a banking machine and inside of a photo lab machine.  These Eye Catching Advertisements are very effective in grabbing out attention and portraying their message.

Woman working inside of a washing machine.. and you thought they were all mechanical!

Global Warming Optical Illusion

The Global Warming Advertisement Optical Illusion is one of those eye catching ads that you can not help but to stop to stare at.  The melted ice cream truck is an extreme example of the possible effects of global warming.  With global warming becoming more and more prevalent in our world, its something that defiantly an issue that needs to be looked at.  Going green is the new fad in stopping global warming and is essential in saving our planet. So I hope this poor ice cream truck helps send out the message!

Melted Ice Cream Truck Global Warming Advertisement

Sticker Dress Optical Illusion

Sticker Dress Optical Illusion, is an advertisement illusion used at a store in Tokyo Japan. Ever wanted to see what a dress looks like on you.. with out actually trying it on? Well now you can! These Sticker dresses are placed onto mirrors and all you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and you have an instant make over! How easy is that. Getting a sneak preview of an outfit will never be the same again.

Instant make over with a mirror and some clothing stickers.

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