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Sticker Dress Optical Illusion

Sticker Dress Optical Illusion, is an advertisement illusion used at a store in Tokyo Japan. Ever wanted to see what a dress looks like on you.. with out actually trying it on? Well now you can! These Sticker dresses are placed onto mirrors and all you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and you have an instant make over! How easy is that. Getting a sneak preview of an outfit will never be the same again.

Instant make over with a mirror and some clothing stickers.

MADD Anti Drinking and Driving Ad

MADD aka Mothers Against Drunk Driving have always been good at finding cleaver ways to promote their anti drinking and driving campaigns. Another almost shocking anti drinking and driving ad is the 3D drinking and driving bathroom sticker ad. The Ad below uses a poster of a car that skidded out and crashed into the urinal, with just some pre printed skid marks and a bit of crinkled paper this ad gave me a chuckle yet still manages to make a good point! So remember boys and girls, don’t drink and drive.
MADD Anti Drinking and Driving AD

MADD Anti Drinking and Driving AD

Bus Advertisements

Bus’s make great canvases for large scale Advertisements.  Below is a collection of some of the most creative advertisements I have seen in terms of bus art! If you like these vehicle stickers you may also want to check out smacked into a bus, this creative dog food bus ad. Some of these ads are brilliant others are like a train wreck, you cant help but to stare.. which is exactly what makes it an effective yet amazing advertisement.

Car smashed into the side of a bus

Accordion Bus Music Advertisement

Broken trailer hitch, insurance bus advertisement.

Even Apeldoorn broken Bus Advertisement

Wheel Eyes Bus Ad

Bodies painted on the side of a bus

Falling Down Stairs Optical Illusion

Falling Down Stairs Optical Illusion is one of those creepy and some what morbid warning optical illusions much like the drowned kid illusion.  The lady at the bottom of the stairs looks very realistic and im sure has startled many shoppers approaching the escalator. High resolution stickers like this the walk into glass ad or the anti drinking and driving ad can make some great 3D images that look very realistic.

Fallen Down Stairs Optical Illusions

Lifes to Short Optical Illusion 2

Life’s to Short Optical Illusion 2 is one of advertisements about how life is to short to stay in the wrong job.  Their advertisement campaign consisted of putting realistic stickers of people doing dirty jobs inside of common machines.  Some of their previous ads were the Gas Pump Optical Illusion and the life’s to short Optical Illusions which featured a man working inside of a banking machine and inside of a photo lab machine.  These Eye Catching Advertisements are very effective in grabbing out attention and portraying their message.

Woman working inside of a washing machine.. and you thought they were all mechanical!

3D Anti Drinking and Driving Optical Illusion

3D Anti Drinking and Driving Optical Illusion is a new creative anti drinking and driving sticker optical illusion. This new creative ad is being placed in washrooms in bars and night clubs to send a clear message about drinking and driving. Slogans on the shirt such as “I’m fine to drive”, “I have drove home like this hundreds of times”, “ill sober up when I’m behind the wheel” and “Just give me five minutes and ill be fine to drive”. In my opinion this is a awesome way to send out the anti drinking and driving message.

Drunk Girl passed out in a bath room - anti drinking and driving sticker illusion

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