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Golds Gym Elevator Door Illusion

Golds Gym is a huge chain wide gym, they are well known throughout Canada and the US. In fact i am a member there, but that’s beside the point. There new ad is an eye catching way to grab your attention. I mean hey, go work out there and you two will be able to rip open elevator doors! These types of advertisements are great for grabbing your attention. For some other great elevator related optical illusions be sure to check out the Six million dollar man, kill-bill advertisement, and the bottomless elevator.

Plumber Truck Illusion

Plumber Truck Illusion is a very creative way to grab attention to your business.  It not very often you see a plumber driving down the road sitting on a toilet! These types eye catching advertisements are very effective way to draw attention to your business. For some other creative ads check out the Painted Car Optical Illusions,  or the Painted Semi Illusions. Next time you are thinking of doing some advertising be sure to get creative and make sure it will leave a lasting impression.

Plummer Truck illusion

Plummer Truck illusion

Palm Tree Shadow Optical Illusion

Palm Tree Shadow Optical Illusion is a cleaver way to raise awareness about saving trees.  The post to the right side of the pictures reads “Nothing can replace a tree” but yet the shadow looks nothing like a post.  This one is a little obvious, with the difference in shadows that the palm tree was painted, but never the less till a cool illusion and a good way to send a message.  For some more Tree optical illusions check out the Science world Beaver Trees, the Dieing Plant corpse or the Rubin Freshness Bag Optical Illusion.

Palm Tree Shadow Illusion

Palm Tree Shadow Illusion

Bus Advertisements

Bus’s make great canvases for large scale Advertisements.  Below is a collection of some of the most creative advertisements I have seen in terms of bus art! If you like these vehicle stickers you may also want to check out smacked into a bus, this creative dog food bus ad. Some of these ads are brilliant others are like a train wreck, you cant help but to stare.. which is exactly what makes it an effective yet amazing advertisement.

Car smashed into the side of a bus

Accordion Bus Music Advertisement

Broken trailer hitch, insurance bus advertisement.

Even Apeldoorn broken Bus Advertisement

Wheel Eyes Bus Ad

Bodies painted on the side of a bus

Creative Advertising – Street ads

Creative ads are everywhere these days, its almost a necessity to have eye catching advertisements in order to be seen these days.  Everywhere you look these days is an advertisement in one way or another. This street ad I found to be fairly clever. The statue underneath is being rebuilt, and these nice advertisers are flipping the bill! It no matter which way you look at the tarp around the statue the image appears to blend into its surroundings.  Just think if you can sell ads on a tarp while you chisel away a new statue you can sell ads anywhere!

Creative Advertisement

Advertisement blending into the surroundings

Distorted side view of the ad

Close up advertisement

Funding by…advertiser funding

Absolut Thessaloniki Advertisement

Absolut Thessaloniki Advertisement is a birds eye view of the city Thessaloniki  in Greece.  The optical illusion of the absolut bottle is how Aristoteles square, the city block is actually shaped; this photo was not manipulated in any way what so ever.  This awesome shot was taken by Andy Glass from an advertisement firm working with Absolut. If you don’t believe me look up Aristoteles square in Thessaloniki Greece on google earth to check out the origin of this amazing photo ad.

Absolut Thessaloniki Advertisement

Falling Down Stairs Optical Illusion

Falling Down Stairs Optical Illusion is one of those creepy and some what morbid warning optical illusions much like the drowned kid illusion.  The lady at the bottom of the stairs looks very realistic and im sure has startled many shoppers approaching the escalator. High resolution stickers like this the walk into glass ad or the anti drinking and driving ad can make some great 3D images that look very realistic.

Fallen Down Stairs Optical Illusions

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