Disappearing Dots Optical Illusion

The Disappearing Dots Optical Illusion is actually animated and has a very cool effect. This Optical Illusion was designed by Jeremy L Hinton of Bristol

Closely watch the Black + in the center of the circle, you will start to see a green dot circling and the pink dots will start to slowly disappear, if you move your head slightly the dots will start coming back.

Disappearing Dots Illusion

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Optical Illusion

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Optical Illusion: The face on the left appears angry the one on the left is calm and happy.
What to do: Slowly move away from the computer screen and you should see the faces switch sides. Everyone will get it at a different distance so move back slowly.

Each face is a combination of the two faces the fine detail is what you see up close, when you move away you loose the detail and the raw shapes come out (happy fine detail, angry rough detail) This is based on work by Dr Aude Oliva and Dr Philippe Schyns You can read the original paper here.

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Illusion

Escher’s Belvedere Optical Illusion

In Escher’s Belvedere Optical Illusion if you look at the beams they cross over from front to back, but how do we know which is the front and which is the back? This is physically impossible in a 3-Dimensional world but in 2d can give an alternate reality. If you notice the piece of paper on the floor (bottom left) shows a 3d cube almost as a clue to the belvedere’s structure. The man on the latter climbs from inside the gate in the lower platform then ends up on the outside above even tho its straight up!

Escher’s Belvedere

Escher’s Ascending and descending stairs

Going up or going down? it doesn’t really matter because you will still end up at the same place! You can take as many steps as you want and end up right back where you started.

The first illusion is Escher’s original ascending and descanting stairs followed by some other recreations (and yes the Lego version too!).

Eschers Origional Ascending and descenting stairs