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Head in the Sand Optical Illusions

The Head in the sand optical illusions are simple yet cleaver illusions. This first boy was beheaded, although he doesn’t look to sad about it. The second boy is not so content with his headless status but hes keeping it safe. If you ever get board at the beach, you now have a whole new effect to try and make your own illusions.. You just need to a find a friend to let you bury him in the sand 🙂

Beheaded boy

Head in the sand optical illusion

Hollow Man On The Street Optical Illusion

Hollow Man On The Street Optical Illusion was a form of art created by Jerkins in Washington DC. The first one you would almost thing was just a homeless man on the street. But if you take a close look, he has no hands or a hollow face outline of this grim figure. The second hollow man just isn’t having a good day, he is either headless or he put his head right through that concrete wall. They are some pretty crazy artwork, the first one you probably wouldn’t think to much of but the second would defiantly make you take a second take.

Hollow man sitting on the sidewalk

Hollow man with his head through a concrete wall

Coca Cola Vending Machine Camouflage Suit

Coca Cola Vending Machine Camouflage Suit was developed by a designer in Japan.  With high crime rates this vending machine suite was aimed to be a form of camouflage,  I personally couldn’t see anyone hiding out as a vending machine but  hey it could work! Below you can see the girl illustrates the suit that appears as a piece of her dress and how it transforms into this full size coca cola machine.  Ms Tuskioka has sold about 20 of theses suits at 800$ each.. she agrees they are  a bit impractical but plans to make other variations to market more widely.  If you had police officer hiding out in these suits it might help in scaring off the criminals but as far as a personal disguise i’m not to sure how well it would work.. running away as you put on your pop machine outfit and slide along side the local snack machine 🙂

Coca Cola vending machine suit in action

Normal skirt or a secret camouflage suite!

Skirt to vending machine almost fully deployed and ready for action.

Quite inconspicuous as the two hide out on this busy street corner.

Warped Building Optical Illusion

Warped Building Optical Illusion would be one twisted place to live, and just think you would never have to give directions again… who could miss a building like this? This building is yet another architectural masterpiece. This building is an actual live in apartments, so if you are searching for a new unique place to live.. here it is!

Warped Apartment building

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion

3D Paper Art Optical Illusion is some pretty incredible paper art. All of these paper artwork have been created with a single piece of paper. These incredible pieces of paper art create 3D creations while they are still attached to their original piece of paper. The first 3D humming bard, has incredible depth giving it a life like appearance. The second is kind of cleaver, the cut out man is saving his twin cutout from falling off of his paper. The following two are very detailed skeletons coming out of the paper they were created. These illusions are like origami with a twist.

3D paper art humming bird

Hanging man paper art

Skeleton Rising form the paper - paper art.

Skeleton siting in a chair paper art

Paper art spider

Tree Head Optical Illusion

The Tree Head Optical Illusion was spotted last year while someone was taking a stroll along the country side. This appears man made with the fairly smooth lines, but no one knows for sure! When covered in leaves you probably wouldn’t even notice the face in it. When its bare you couldn’t peel you eyes off of it, one of natures little mysterious, either that or some sure got creative with the pruning!

Mysterious Tree head on the country side

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