Falling Head Magic trick

This Falling head Magic trick is kinda of a neat trick i stumbled across. The boy walks into the room and drops his head off and catches it in his hands then falls to the floor. Then begins to pick itself up and place its head back onto his self. I’m not 100% sure hows its done but i have a theory!

If you look closely at the hands they appear different, so one of the hands is most likely real and ones fake. As for the legs, i have a feeling they are fake as well, maybe attached at the keens, or like stilts.. it would explain how the head is so easily dropped. The real extra arm inside would be used to prop up the body when on the ground, and use to man the floating shoulders.. Thats my theory anyways? anyone else have any other ideas how its done?

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  • that sounds right

  • I think she used the coat hanger method, made a frame of her shoulders with it that stayed attached to a long piece of the coat hanger that goes down her back at the middle. As soon as she enters the stage, you can see that she is holding her right hand (fake) in her real hand. Her other hand holds the frame of her shoulders up and her upper torso bends down (she’s probably quite thin and flexible as well to remain compact). She wears the double set of black shirts underneath with the V cut in the outer one and her… frock??? She keeps her hand, clasping the fake (right) hand in the same position and brings her head down to join them (she probably had to practice this move for a while to make it look believable). Then she allowed her thin body to collapse on the floor under her large frock. Then she slowly and carefully (smoothly as well… must have practiced this as well) got back on her feet and brought her hands up with her head as she slowly unbent her body to stand upright. She made a show of this which allows us to believe her hands are having a hard time lifting her large, clever brain then she allowes the rod to descend down her back slowly using her right hand to keep it looking natural. Voila! The ol’ brain’s back on the shoulders again.

    Just a guess.

  • nice illusion never saw it before

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