Dancing Tree Optical Illusion is a snapshot taken of an actual tree. The roots and branches form the figure of a woman dancer or a ballerina. These little sitings are one of mother natures ways of showing us her beauty. Be sure to check out some of the other Tree anomalies on visualfunhouse as well.

This beautiful dancer shows her beauty from inside of these tree branches

This spectacular photo of a tree was taken by Carol Lynn Fraser of Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Carol is a Creative Artist and school teacher: combining photography (subject matter primarily natural, but also electronic), paint (fabric, water color and acrylic), draw in pencil, sew, screen print and make rock jewelry. She also studies ‘Sacred Geometry’ as did Leonardo DaVinci. Carol does most of her work in her studio located on her family farm in a house built by her great grandfather in 1905. The ‘Dancing Tree’ has been pirated continuously on the internet and has been given a variety of titles such as Ballerina Tree, Woman’s tree etc. People have written poetry about it, painted it, used it for advertising, called it fake; some insisting Carol used photoshop to doctor it. I personally recieved an e-mail from Carol assuring me she did not use anything to change the picture from its original form. She said the photo was taken at night using a flash and this is how it turned out. Carol is a naturalist (born and raised) and believes strongly in the Creative process, Nature, and the Interconnectedness of all things. “She hopes everyone enjoys this gift from her and nature. Carol does not claim to be an Artist in the popular sense of the word. She prefers to create in the privacy of her own home, for the pure pleasure of it. She does not aspire to fame nor fortune. She only asks that if you use her photo that she be given full credit for her work. Carol Lynn Fraser, B.Ed