3D Mars Stereograph

3D Mars Stereographs is a real neat way to see a 3D image of the mars land rover.  When you stare at the image make your  eyes go slitely cross eyed until the two images merge to form a center image, you will have your 3D version. Anohter method is to put your nose cloce to the image and slowly move away, althoe i find the first method works almost instantly for me! so try it out!

3D stereo graph of the mars land rover

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3D Mars Stereograph
  1. thrutraffic says:

    Regarding the Mars 3D image pair, the correct way tho view this particular pair is via the 2nd method you mentioned (parallel eyes), not cross-eyed. Rule: The proper naked eye free-viewing method to use (cross-eyed or parallel), depends directly upon the L/R or R/L placement of the 3D image pair. A L/R arrangement MUST be viewed with the parallel method, while an R/L arrangement MUST be viewed with the cross-eyed method. If not, the 3D effect is “backwards”; far becomes close, and vice versa, a very odd effect. The Mars pair is L/R and must be viewed with the parallel method where L-eye sees L-image, and R sees R. Though more difficult to master than the cross-eyed method, parallel viewing is superior for one very important reason — with this method, the 3D object appears “normal” in size on the screen. Cross-eyed viewing, however, gets interpreted by the brain in an interesting way; The 3D image exhibits the “Lilliput e
    ffect” whereby the image and the objects within it appear miniaturized. Swap the 2 images left and right and the 3D-cross-eyed-with-Lilliput-effect will be visible.

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