Head in the Sand Optical Illusions

The Head in the sand optical illusions are simple yet cleaver illusions. This first boy was beheaded, although he doesn’t look to sad about it. The second boy is not so content with his headless status but hes keeping it safe. If you ever get board at the beach, you now have a whole new effect to try and make your own illusions.. You just need to a find a friend to let you bury him in the sand 🙂

Beheaded boy

Head in the sand optical illusion


  • its realy 2 people one beried and the hother not showing there head

  • I saw that one in a Amreican Girl magazine when I was like 8

  • omg i absolutely hate this one because one it’s ancient and another it’s obviuos that there is two people i mean that ginger kid could never have a non freckle body it is a stupid idea and by the way if your going to pick on me i live in america in tawntle road and yeh i gave my address away who cares your too wimpy to actually find out also if you want to know where my friend lives who also agrees wtih ginger s not having a body like that lives in billingham 24 quenby road,england and i absolutely hate fat gingers which is all of them

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