Scary Optical Illusion

Scary Optical Illusion is one freaky or even almost disturbing image. This Frankenstein like girl almost makes you take a double take, with multiple eyes, noses and mouths this multi faced girl gives me the creeps!  Its almost hard to focus on this face as it so out of proportion and all over the place. So if you want to freak out your friends send them this link :P

Scary Optical Illusion

9 Commentsto Scary Optical Illusion

Scary Optical Illusion
  1. Crazy Charlie says:

    Look up the word “WEIRD” in the dictionary & this picture will be next to it. (Now I wonder how many of you will actually look that up)

  2. person333 says:

    Its literly barfing up its own skin…

  3. memo says:

    its siking up its body

  4. MiNdFrEaK says:

    ugh….what’s that coming out of her mouth?

  5. meh says:

    the air pipe… duh…

  6. i want to have one green eye and one brown eye too.
    but not the rest of it!!!

  7. kim sofia says:

    not really really an optical illusion, but weird, yes…

  8. I like how the bug is just farting on everything.

  9. sasuke says:

    super weird, imagine wat it would be like to kiss that thing

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