Alva P. Taylor Hall Wall Mural

The Alva P. Taylor Hall Wall Mural was created in 1980 taking six months to complete. The mural depicts a building crumbling to expose its inner beauty. It was painted by John Pung with the help of some of the fellow art students. The hall is located at California state university. After the completion of this mural Pung went on to be a successful muralists painting many buildings including some in downtown Sacramento.

Alva P. Taylor Hall Wall Mural


  • Alvaro Cerqueira

    Please, send me the Email Address of John Pung (Painter).


  • Actually, the artist’s name is John Pugh. He now lives and works out of Las Gatos, CA, and is one 9if not THE) worlds leading trompe l’oiel muralist. It is correct that the building is Taylor Hall, which houses the fine art department at the University of California-Chico.

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