Puzzle Illusion

The Puzzle Optical Illusion is a illustration of a little boy and a little girl building a puzzle.
Now i still cant figure out if that little girl is part of the puzzle or helping her little brother build it! anyone know?

Puzzle Illusion


  • The whole picture is a puzzle

  • The little boy is the one doing the puzzle.. he is alone

  • it could be both. More likely she’s part of the puzzle, but that’s art for you.

  • She’s either part of the puzzle, or their floor is a little wavy in an incredibly coincidental pattern (check out her shadow).

  • confused

  • None of its real,its a piece of art.

    To clarify im saying its a picture.

  • sh is helping her brother look at her foot its not shaped like a puzzle piece and oart of it is on the floor

  • It’s hard to be sure due to the resolution, but I think that the other people in the puzzle are helping as well. The kids on the sidewalk are running pieces up to the man on the house who is placing sky pieces. The man on the house is clearly part of the puzzle as he is in the puzzles perspective & appears smaller due to distance.

  • She is real because if you look at the boys knee you will see her shadow that slightly cast over him.

  • Actually there is no puzzle. It’s a painting of a puzzle. The boy gives other kids pieces(you can see him hand one to the girl), and they run with them to the people placing them out.

    If in doubt look at the boys face, it’s not a real face, merely a painted one.

    Good one thou.

  • It is just a paint 😛

  • It does tell us that it’s an illustration so it’s pretty irrelevant saying it’s a painting.

    If you look at her shadow, it casts onto the bridge in the puzzle the way it would when cast onto an oblique shape (that is, it would bend and curve under elevations or protrusions). I can only think that she is a part of the puzzle.

    It’s a very well made and very well thought of painting.

  • She is part of the puzzle. Her shadow is really defined, and bends around the bridge, while his is just a blob on the floor.

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