Impossible Cube Optical Illusion

Impossible Cube Optical Illusion is one of those impossible object optical illusions that can really mess with your mind.ย  If you look at all the edges of this cube they seem to cross over each other in a way that just doesn’t hmake sense.ย  A similar but simpler one is the Impossible triangle Optical illusion (only easy cause it shows you how its done :P) So any ideas how this imposable square is done?

Impossible Cube Optical Illusion


  • Hey cool – I can be the first dumbass to say “photoshopped” since that seems to be the trend on this site.

  • I hate to break it to you but i know for a fact this one isnt photoshoped ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah. I don’t think this photo is “shopped”. I think certain parts are done with rubber and that the illusion is most likely only able to viewed from one angle (like that badass impossible triangle).

    Look at the four vertical (up & down) pieces. The two in the middle are probably malleable and are looped over and under in just the right spots, and when viewed and just the right angle, you get this mind blowing photograph

  • ๐Ÿ™ no shadows

  • This is real… the plans were published in “Omni” magazine at least 20-25 years ago… it only looks possible if viewed from one angle…

  • Damn! Thatยดs the easiest one! The wood is cut in the proper segments.

  • this structure deffinetly cannot be bulit, it can be drawn, but not built

  • Hey guys, it’s simple. : just build a wooden cube (preferably use nuance in colors, like the obove structure), approach it from a certain angle, u can fix a camera in that angle to help u out. Then take some color that resembles the rear color and paint only the crossing points of the front structure. Keep checking in ur camera. And when the work is done, take a shot and publish it. Same thing with the triangle. It’s an ordinary triangle with misleading 3d perspective painted on it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @MNassau : yeah. may be you’re right. but other than that, it would be possible to do it in a photo editing software, if the image wasn’t original.
    but definitely, it wasn’t done the way you look at it, MNassau. It was “done” because i can see the traces of the stamp tool.

  • Real…

    Check it out. (We all trust Bill Nye don’t we?)

  • it uis probably painted at the bits where they go in front

  • It’s done using a jigsaw. You only need to cut out two parts… the front-top horizontal section and the front-right vertical section.

    The tricky part is getting the cuts absolutely spot-on the correct angles so you can’t see the cuts from the camera position.

  • It has 2 notches cut out of it and the camera is positioned just right to make it look like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey, how about you stop trying to figure out how this is done? just enjoy the illusion! =) =^.^=

  • The near horizontal and vertical are cut out to look as thought they pass behind.

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