Ghostly hidden face in an old photograph

Old photographs can reveal some interesting paranormal evidence, the old black and white cameras are said to be more susceptible to energy imprints, others may claim its due to poor quality.. but every one in a while you can capture something amazing. At first this photograph may appear to be a simple family photo, upon closer inspection you can see a mans face consuming most of the picture. With Halloween just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to post this mysterious picture. It was sent in some time ago by one of our visitors along with this note
“Hello, this is an optical illusion that has been in my family for at least 60 years!

It shows a 1900s family, a father, mother and child(sitting on pappa’s knee).
holding the photo at arm’s length or greater, you can see the side profile of the face of a bTPCearded, long haired man(Jesus?). the face is center in the photo and is pointing to the left.
At the bottom of the photo, the name “DRISCOLL” is on one side and a date of 1934 is on the other.
I have no further info on this “DRISCOLL” or this photo. If you do, please send it on to me!

If anyone has any ideas or info on “DRISCOLL” be sure to post it in the comments.


  • There was an author called Mark Driscoll. Driscoll is also another place in Texis. In Springfield (USA), there is a historic block called Driscoll’s Block. I hope this is help for you and your site.

  • if you look under the baby you will also see a soldier holding a rifle and another face of a soldier below him. pretty cool pic

  • I dont see it but I still think it’s cool. 🙂

  • I see a bigger face than the one mentioned.

  • Sorry but I cannot see the face. Can you show it please?

  • This isn’t Jesus–it’s Rasputin! Notice the Orthodox Russian hat he is wearing! This photo was prior to the Bolshevik uprising in Russia, and it shows the face of Rasputin, Czar Nicholas’ fortune teller and unorthodox mystic. He supposedly escaped the Bourgeoisie cleansing, but they say he was poisoned…who really knows?

  • focus on the baby’s side on the chest of the father,

  • it doesnt just say driscoll u can kinda see a mr. beside it

  • Look at the photo first as though it’s just an old picture. what do you see? I first saw an 18th century couple, father sitting (typical of time period), father holding baby which seems to have a stuffed teddy bear(?)father stares at camera,mother standing, looking with love at her child. Later I saw the image of what looks like Jesus Christ right over the baby and the toy is His hair. Do you see the dog image? I had to focus to see both images. To me, you actually see your own interpretation according to how you(me) feel about ourselves. If you believe there is a Jesus…. you would feel His presense with You

  • As long as we are doing a Rorschach inkblot test, I’ll add my 2-cents-worth. Along the left border, I can see the left side of a large creepy face of a nearly bald man. You can key on his large eye. It works best from the distance.

    When viewed up close, the eye looks more like two teeth.

  • oh wow itZzz soo trippd out i kn c sum…ppl haha But itZzz awesome though. neva seen anythin lyke dat 🙂

  • look at the baby’s eye!!!! they’re GLOWING!!!!!

  • i cant see the face 8′(

  • it looks like hitler

  • I see a’lot in this photo..I see the face that looks like Rasputin and below that a skeleton of a baby just below the child on his knee..and I see an animal that looks like a young calf …and many faces…peering out randomly through out this photo….

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