Chequer Shadow Optical Illusion

This checker optical illusion has been around for a while, If you look at the squares marked by A and B they are the exact shame shade of Grey, at first i didn’t believe it.. I actually had opened it up in photo shop to check!

Chequer-shadow Illusion


  • This is a cool one, both squares are actually the same. if u hide other parts of the picture you can see it.

  • I don’t see it, they are not the same, no matter how ya look at it!

  • It is paternically impossible for the squares to be the same shade of grey; the pattern goes (based on one, vertical line) White, Black, White, Black, White every other line, starting at the leftmost.

    …Just because the cylinder casts a shadow over B, doesn’t mean it is the EXACT same color; I’m sure this illusion is a hoax.

  • I would like to use this chequer-board illusion. What is the copyright situation. I am happy to caknowledge the source and/or pay something reasonable but I haven’t found a ‘source’ and a coyright ‘set of prices’

  • its not a hoax. actually take the time to check it by cutting them out or hiding the other squares… don’t be “sure” of anything unless you’ve taken the time to test your assumptions

  • That Is The Explanation In This Image…. BECAUSE OF THE LIGHT .. ^_^ ………….

  • this is a representation of a 3d image on a 2d scale. The shadow makes it look like a different color but cutting,hiding,printign etc wont help you to see them same color.

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