Headhunter Shadow Art

Shadow art can be a tricky but very creative ay to create something amazing out of rubbish. This Headhunter illusions was sent to me a few weeks ago and has been sitting on my desktop for a few weeks as i have finally had the time to post it. I’m not sure ho the author is but its incredibly similar to the shadow art by Tim Noble and Sue Webber.  You may also want to check out the shadow heads but some of my favorites are the zebra and camel shadows shot national geographic.

Head Hunter Shadow Art

Head Hunter Shadow Art


  • Farout,dude!!!!!!

  • Unfourtunatley,the shadows are photoshopped… You can tell because of the (animal) on the woman’s head has a large tail that extends from the rest of the mass of trash that is clearly not visible, and the light angle is not extreme enough to blend it in while keeping the male’s (head) the same.

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