• Don Diego de la Vega


  • Thats nice …. easy doable with some mirrors

    If it was a photoshop it would have pixels …i know it because iΒ΄ve seen some shops in my time πŸ˜‰

  • it is all smoke and Mirrors (especially mirrors)

  • Why does everything have to be photoshopped? It’s obviously an actual tower, with a clever system of mirrors so it looks like it continues all the way down, while hiding you head as you look in

  • It’s a goddamn set of mirrors, not photoshop.

  • … Or, you know, it’s actually a tower of books with two mirrors inside of it.

  • as usual, there is always one douchebag to destroy the fun out of the post by saying “photoshopped”
    just sftu and enjoy it

  • no there are mirrors on the top and bottom

  • or it could be the one thing everyone ovelooked, An actual bottemless pit? ever think of that one?dint think so=]

  • definitely photoshopped, you can tell by the shadow

  • It’s mirrors. I can tell by the pixels.

  • “as usual, there is always one douchebag to destroy the fun out of the post by saying β€œphotoshopped”
    just sftu and enjoy it”

    It looks Gimped…

  • anonymoussssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    It’s definitely a WHOOP, I can tell from some of the SHOOPS and from having LAZARED quite a few of them in my time.

  • No sense of humor

    Arguing on the internet is fun!

    Its clearly not photoshopped! Even if that was said as a joke I’m constantly going to refute your statement!

  • @1904: Clever? It’s just two mirrors. One at the bottom and one at the top of the stack.


  • If there were just a mirror at the top and bottom, you’d see your face reflected in it, so clearly it’s a bit more complex than that. And to all the retards who are pissing themselves over people saying it’s photoshopped, LERN T3H INTERNETZ, and get over yourself.

  • Build your own: http://www.llund.com/botpit.htm

    The fact that it “even has lighting” is not incidental, it’s a required part of the illusion. An ordinary mirror facing a half-silvered “two-way mirror” with a light source in the resulting space.

  • Clearly this was done using MacPaint. You can tell because of where they used the Spraypaint tool.

  • What d’you mean “you’d be able to see your face”?
    You’re not actually looking into it you know it’s a picture! The camera was placed so it couldn’t be seen in the mirrors, morons.
    Anyway it doesn’t matter as it’s clearly a shoop.

  • not photoshop. two mirrors, 1 bottom 1 top. so when you look in… it’s infinite reflections.

  • Please, people, learn. ‘Photoshopped’ is a joke. It’s a sad old joke, but a joke nonetheless. Don’t get angry about it.
    Thegabe, if you understood some basic reflection laws you’d realise if you can see a mirror head-on, you can see yourself. They’ve got to be cleverly angeled, both so you don’t see yourself, thus ruining the illusion.
    I swear if I keep on having to explain stuff to idiots I’m going to kill teh intertubes.

  • Thats not photoshopped..this thing was build (or what) for the Prague public library, it was set right next to the entrance. As a student, ive looked into this bottomless hole about a gazillion times..its not really that much fun, i just get bored with all the books around πŸ˜€

  • At that angle you will not get a reflection.

  • You can tell it’s photoshopped cos of the books. Everyone knows the internet has made books obsolete and extinct.

  • Some day, I’m going to post a completely unremarkable picture of… oh, say, a train going into a tunnel and wait for someone to say, “It’s photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels.”

  • That train is photoshopped.

  • oh just give it up and get back to making other useless comments on pictures.

  • It is placed in a gallery, which would lead one to think it is a legitamate peice of art. It is not done with mirrors, because you would atleast see the opening repeated all the way down.
    As an artist i can tell you that an artist might be willing to spend a rediculous amount of time perfecting the illusion. Did any one stop to think that the books realy are stacked up with care and planning, and that the floor was diligently painted to look like the books repeat?
    Even if computers were used to generate the image inside the tower looking down, that doesn’t take away from the level of skill involved.
    maybe you should all look at more art πŸ™‚

  • Guys, it is done with mirrors, it’s just trickier than you might think. There is a mirror at the bottom, but it doesn’t reflect off a mirror at the top, it reflects off a one-way mirror that’s directly below the viewing port, oriented so that the reflective side faces down. Thus, you don’t see your own head when you look in.

  • To those few who get it, good job.
    This is not photoshop OR mirrors. If it was mirrors, you would see the reflection. The easiest way to do this would simply be to paint it. Some people are VERY good at painting illusions.

  • ssry nvm
    i didnt see the reflection lines
    looks like its mirros after all(although i do wonder how they made it so that you cant see yourself)

  • Congratulations to anyone who read all the way through the morass of photoshop and mirror comments just to find this.

  • Β 
    Nazi, I can tell by the pixels


  • Wow! It’s cool. I wonder how they do that?

  • because of the fact that your all wrong I’ll tell you what it is. Anyone see the illusions that look like rooms and stuff? It’s that just a painting on the floor of the tower

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