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Wrong Job Illusion

Ever considered your self in the wrong job? With the economy a lot of people may not be doing the right job for them. Jobsintown.de is an employment company that’s has conjured up some very creative advertisements.  Playing the gituar inside a jukebox would be pretty cramped but hey im sure its better then scrubbing clothes inside a washing machine. For some of Jobsintowns other illusion ads check out the wrong job gas pump or the coffee machine illusion. After seeing all these ‘wrong jobs’ maybe your job must just seem a little more appealing 🙂

Kill Bill Blood Ad

Kill bill was a very popular movie when it came out, along with its promotion campaign was a bunch of very creative advertisements. The one below is a bit gory for some, but it will defiantly intrigue you to take a closer look. If you saw a pool of blood leaking out of a bathroom stall, would you go take a closer look or turn and run away screaming?? Also check out this other KillBill Elevator Ad.