Jesus Toast Art Illusion

This creative piece of art is made completely from Toast! With six toasters running all on different heat settings aka different burntness levels… One creative artist has created this masterpiece. This photo was taken at an street art show in Berlin Germany.

The first one resembles Jesus and was made with some simple toasters.

Jesus toast illusion

Jesus Toast Art

The Second one is a little more complicated, it requires a little more planning on how to burn the toast, and shaped elements, but a neat effect!
Extreme Toast Art


  • that is asum

  • i cant beleive that is toast

  • How is that an illusion?

  • It’s not an illusion. It’s humans using bread to create what they think is ART. It’s really ironic. If you read the Bible, you should know it says that Jesus divided the LOAVES and fishes to feed the hungry. To anyone who doesn’t believe or isn’t sure Jesus exists, something made you look, right? I’m not a religious zealot, or what some will call…maybe a “crackpot” and I don’t attend any kind of organized religious facility. I just believe…’s been fairly recent that I completely GOT it in a time my life is a catrastophe.. I’ve been to hell, here on earth because of many, many things All types of abuse, been conned,lied to over and over until I realized all (most) of what happened to me was because of my own decisions. But even though right now I’m in one of the worst situations I’ve ever been in, I’m at peace in my spirit.

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