Devil horns peer over clouds in the sky

Devil horns peer over clouds in the sky is a neat illusion. There appears to be fiery devil horns appearing over the clouds just above the church. Almost a subtle good versus evil battle going in the picture. this picture kind of looks as if it was photoshopped or maybe just a really cool shot of an eclipse 😛 well we are on the topic of the sky for anyone who hasn’t seen the post on the moon illusion be sure to check it out, kinda of a cool illusion my mother nature herself. One other that is a really cool picture is of the northern lights from space.

Devil horns peer over the clouds looking down on the church


  • WOW that is awesome and ironic

  • Looking at a curch? That’s not right…

  • An awesome pearson was right.Thats just wrong.:-(.

  • it is not right your right

  • LOL “looking at a church” .. noooshit

  • LOL “looking at a church” .. noooshit hahahaha

  • I think its ironic that he over a church and I don’t think hes looking at the church if anything he put evil upon the church or something well lol idk

  • To be accurate, judging by the perspective, he’s not looking at the church at all since he’d be looking to the right,

    Oww and for god sake people… Is there a time limit to comment? No, then please be kind to correct yourselfs it’s hurting my eyes (kinda like an eclipse LOL)

    I mean come on i’m born as a French Canadien and can do better… please care about your native language (And if it isn’t then I apologize), it’s not like you’re chatting with friends when commenting.

    Just sayin’,

    (and yes I don’t think it’s photoshopped I think it’s an eclipse as i’ve pictured one once before and it’s the very same color once on picture)

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