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Headless Camel

Every once in a while you snap that perfect photograph. Below is an amazing shot of a headless camel sent in by Jose Luis.
Jose, a photographer shot this photo in Sanaa, Yemen. Being a photographer myself I can really appreciate the bizarre perspective illusion. If you like these perfect candid moments be sure to check out some of the many headless optical illusion. If Camels are your thing, check out this amazing national geographic camel shot.

Headless Optical Illusion

Headless Optical Illusion is a neat shot taken of a boy with no head! Notice anything strange with his hands or his shirt? Where or where did his head go? Is there a little smoke and mirror magic going on here? This one is pretty simple to figure out so i wont out right tell you! Neat shot though to who ever the photographer is.

Headless Boy Optical Illusion

Headless Sun tanner on the beach

Headless Sun tanner on the beach is a simple eye catching little trick you can try next time you are at the beach. At a glance it appears that the guy is headless holding his own head at his side. We don’t recommend trying to actual remove your head so you will need a willing participant to do this trick along with you. All it takes is 2 people and a lot of beach sand, just be sure if your the one loosing your head you don’t eat any! Have you made your own headless illusion? be sure to submit it!

This poor sun tanning guy is headless!

Head in the Sand Optical Illusions

The Head in the sand optical illusions are simple yet cleaver illusions. This first boy was beheaded, although he doesn’t look to sad about it. The second boy is not so content with his headless status but hes keeping it safe. If you ever get board at the beach, you now have a whole new effect to try and make your own illusions.. You just need to a find a friend to let you bury him in the sand 🙂

Beheaded boy

Head in the sand optical illusion

Hollow Man On The Street Optical Illusion

Hollow Man On The Street Optical Illusion was a form of art created by Jerkins in Washington DC. The first one you would almost thing was just a homeless man on the street. But if you take a close look, he has no hands or a hollow face outline of this grim figure. The second hollow man just isn’t having a good day, he is either headless or he put his head right through that concrete wall. They are some pretty crazy artwork, the first one you probably wouldn’t think to much of but the second would defiantly make you take a second take.

Hollow man sitting on the sidewalk

Hollow man with his head through a concrete wall

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions is a collections of some of the most creative shots on the internet, some photographs were planned while others were just the right spot at the right time. Manny of these make great optical illusions, or at least get a second take. In this photography optical illusion gallery timing is everything! Enjoy this spectacular gallery, and be sure to keep on submitting!

Talk about stretch armstrong, that soccer player has to have the worlds longest arm.

Everybody Legs up! now this is kinda of a crazy coincident, even the dogs are joining in!

Headless ice figure skater, just the right angle to catch this show, the poor girl is headless.

Headless man and statue, now this is one is a another crazy coincident, not just that the man is headless in those but the statue is as well!

Headless Mirror Man, kind of a neat shot,the mirror is a nice touch to make it looks like both hands are out there.

Now we have all seen the commercials of the lamp heads, this is proof they do exist!

That is one tall man, this is a perfectly light up reflection of the bottom half of another man at just the right second to line the two up.

Awe such a pretty picture, they got the perfect shot of her in that magazine!

This man is Kicking over the leaning tower of pizza!

Sniper cat, this is one cat you don
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