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Al Seckel explains how Optical Illusions trick our brains

Have you ever wondered how Optical illusions work? How is it that our brain can be fooled by something we know can not be possible? Well if you really want to find out how all these smoke and mirrors work..then you are in for a treat.  Al Seckle is a cognitive neuroscientist, who helps us explore the perceptual illusions that fool our brains. Loads of eye tricks help him prove that not only are we easily fooled, we kind of like it.

Al shows a bunch of popular optical illusion as well as his own. He shows how some of them are done and demonstrates how you are still tricked even after knowing how its done. Some very neat spinnoffs of some classic optical illusion.

Hollow Face Optical Illusion Video

This Video of the Hollow Face it pretty crazy, as the face spins around the back of the face which is actually inverted appears to be popping right out at you as if it was 3D. I originally say this optical Illusion at Science World in Vancouver BC. The Illusion is partly the lighting, and the angel you view it. It is almost like hes is always watching you! Ever wondered where the term “eyes in the back of my head” came from? Well I actually have no clue, but if this illusion was around back when it started it would be a good candidate! Check out some previously posted pictures of the Hollow Face Optical Illusion. I hope you enjoy the video below, once it spins around to the middle you will see the true magic of this illusion. Enjoy 🙂


Falling Head Magic trick

This Falling head Magic trick is kinda of a neat trick i stumbled across. The boy walks into the room and drops his head off and catches it in his hands then falls to the floor. Then begins to pick itself up and place its head back onto his self. I’m not 100% sure hows its done but i have a theory!

If you look closely at the hands they appear different, so one of the hands is most likely real and ones fake. As for the legs, i have a feeling they are fake as well, maybe attached at the keens, or like stilts.. it would explain how the head is so easily dropped. The real extra arm inside would be used to prop up the body when on the ground, and use to man the floating shoulders.. Thats my theory anyways? anyone else have any other ideas how its done?

For a another amazing magic trick be sure to check out Kevin James latest saw a man in half trick.


Kevin James Saws a man in half – Magic trick Illusion

Kevin James latest magic illusion of sawing a man in half has to be one of the best magic optical illusions I have seen in a long time. In this illusion he uses a chain saw to saw a man in half, the top half of the body is placed on an operating table. At first the upper portion of the body lifts it self in the air as Kevin James waves his hand underneath him to show that he is actually holding his upper half in the air; at first I thought this could be done with animatronics. Kevin and his lovely assistant proceed to place the upper half on a rolling table and wheel it to the front of the stage, followed by retrieving his bottom half and “stapling” it back together. The part that astonished me was once the patient was stapled back together he jumped up in the air and walked off stage; this is currently not possible by todays robotics.. at least not that moves so fluently. It is beyond me as of how this trick was pulled off. View the Video below. Dose anyone have any ideas how this trick was pulled off?


3D Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion

The 3D Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion plays with your eyes through an altered perception. What appears to be a normal house in the still pictures bit is actually made of three concave angles that appear to be coming out wards; this effect makes the house appear to always be popping out at you no matter what angle you view it. The third image below helps explain this a little more. The Video should give you a full understanding, this very cool yet impossiable illusion!

optical illusion house

Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion

3D impossible house optical illusion


Time Fountain Optiacal Illusion

This Time Fountain is a super cool Optical illusions created by ultra violate strobe lights illuminating a uv reactive liquid (probably a hight lighter in this case)
The different speeds of the strobes make the droplets appear to stop in mid air or even flow back up upwards! Its not to hard to build but defiantly an amazing effect.


Bathroom Optical Illusion Mirror Prank

This Optical Illusion Prank is absolutely hilarious.
The Bathroom mirror was replaced with a sheet of glass facing an identical room with twins mimicking each other on opposite sides. Everyone who walks in thinks they are invisible. This one is a hilarious Illusion/prank.