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Painted Motorcycle Helmets

Aside from being a fashion accessory motor bike helmets are one of the most important pieces of safety gear you can have while riding your motorcycle. Light colored helmets have always been a good way to increase your viability and keep you safe on the road. Other then a boring white helmet how about a florescent tennis ball or a green watermelon! These Illusion motorcycle helmets are a great way to draw attention to your self on the road! I recently started riding a motorcycle and have learned how most drives simply do not see you and will most likely cut you off.. Anything you can to to be “seen” is a big plus on rider safety. So why not upgrade your old plain helmet to one of these creative designs and make sure drivers take a second take as their eyes scan the road. Enjoy these fun and creative helmets!

8ball motorcycle helmet

Bald Head Motorcycle Helmet

Bowling Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Brain Motorcycle Helmet

Diamond Motorcycle Helmet

Lady Hair Motorcycle Helmet

Globe Motorcycle Helmet

Golf Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Male Head Motorcycle Helmet

Nude Bum Motorcycle Helmet

Tennis Ball Motorcycle Helmet

Watermellon Motorcycle Helmet

Bus Advertisements

Bus’s make great canvases for large scale Advertisements.  Below is a collection of some of the most creative advertisements I have seen in terms of bus art! If you like these vehicle stickers you may also want to check out smacked into a bus, this creative dog food bus ad. Some of these ads are brilliant others are like a train wreck, you cant help but to stare.. which is exactly what makes it an effective yet amazing advertisement.

Car smashed into the side of a bus

Accordion Bus Music Advertisement

Broken trailer hitch, insurance bus advertisement.

Even Apeldoorn broken Bus Advertisement

Wheel Eyes Bus Ad

Bodies painted on the side of a bus

Audi Billboard Optical Illusion

Audi is a high end German automobile. Audi’s new Billboard Advertisement plays quite the eye tricks with you.  The top of the bridge appears to be the sky and buildings, but if you look at the ladder connecting the two it makes no sense? Is this some new funky latter that twist to different dimensions? Audi has developed this MC Escher style advertisement to grab your attention and keep it. The only problem is I think people would be more confused about what the heck is going on then noticing that its an Audi ad.

Wacky Audi Billboard

Double Bus Optical Illusion

Double Bus Optical Illusion is not your regular double decker bus. This fabulous piece of art work was created by Tom Kennedy who builds these warped art cars and tours them around the world. Kennedy uses the cars to express his political views that are anything but straight forward. The Bus is even going to be driven around for the 2008 Presidential campaign. The top of the bus hides a speakers post, and in the effort to go green this bus even runs on biodiesel.

Double Bus Optical Illusion

Floating Boat Optical Illusion

Floating Boat Optical Illusion is a very cool picture. The boat appears to be floating in thin air! Im sure we have all seen hover crafts but they generally ride on very small cousin of air and this little row boat sure inst packing a giant fan underneath! The trick here is the shadow, which is normally how you tell how far off the ground it is..  IS the shadow on top or underwater? Well on the topic of the sea be sure to check out this incredible Underwater Sculpture Park.

Optical Illusion of a Floating Row Boat

Mini Cooper Clown car Advertisement Illusion

Mini Cooper Clown car Advertisement Illusion is a cute advertisement showing how big mini coopers really are! This cut out add has been put up at the entrance to the  train station in Zurich , Switzerland.  This illusion makes it look like the mini’s has a huge area and you can pile in as many people as you want. much like the good old cartoon clown cars 🙂  So pile in and lets take this mini for a spinny!

Everybody pile into the mini!

The masses pile out of the little mini

Smashed into a buss Optical Illusion

Car Accidents happen far to often and this ad sends a very realistic message. the man is has been smashed into bus and is right into the windshield.  This add is fairly graphic and a bit morbid with the blood splattered on the windshield, but in the end it dose send a very clear message about accidents.  A vehicle that size would destroy anything in its path, so play nice around buses and no running in the roads!  Check out some other automotive optical illusions.

This poor guy was got smashed into the windshield of a bus, nasty accident.

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