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Transparent Painted Electrical Boxes

Transparent Painted Electrical Boxes are a neat artsy kind of way to take care of those big metal electrical boxes.   The transparent electrical boxes are very similar to the transparent screens and the transparent cube.  The first one is blended very well, you would almost not even notice it.  The second one is a little more obvious as the color is way to light, maybe it was painted in the fall! The only problem is I could see older poor visioned folks walking right into them.. Cool street art or visually impaired hazards? 😛 what do you think..

Painted see through electrical box

Transparent Painted Electrical Box

Bush Painted Electrical Box

Paparazzi Photo Optical Illusion

At first glance the Paparazzi Optical Illusion appears to be a photo of a strange man taking a picture of you through the back window.  This one would defiantly creep me out if I was driving behind him.  Upon closer inspection you will notice you can see his legs as well as the rest of the interior of the SUV.  This nifty illusion is actually a high resolution vehicles wrap decal, much like you see on bus’s and company vehicle’s.  As creepy as it is at first its a pretty cool optical illusion that is strikingly realistic!

Paparazzi Spying at you through the back of a SUV

Giant Eagle painted Russina Millitary Helicopter

This Russian Military Helicopter has a very different kind of camouflage, it is painted as a giant eagle. Im not to sure if you could actually pull it off as an eagle rather then a military helicopter, but hey its would make an excellent element of surprise. This is an amazing airbrushing paint job of a giant eagle, this paint job kind of reminds me of the painted hand illusion featuring a very similar eagle. Enemies beware the eagle is out there!

Russian Painted Eagle Helicopter