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3D Tree Stereoscopic Illusion

Stereoscopic optical illusions are created by using two images of the same object giving you an illusion of depth. Each image is taken at a slightly different angle. When the two images are combined either side by side or flipped back and forth you get a 3D perspective of a static object.  The same effect is also used with the red/blue 3d glasses where the red and blue image is slightly offsetted to give the same impression.  Each eye views a different angle and your brain merges the two to give the image depth. While hiking the other day i came a cross this old moss covered tree and decided to try making one of these illusions for my self. Below you will see both flavors of the Illusion. First click on the image below to open up the full size image, stare into the center of the image and go cross eyed, the two photos will merge into a 3D photo in the center showing the true illusion.  Alternatively if you want the lazy version… scroll down to see the animated GIF. 🙂

Click this image then stare into the middle and go cross eyed to see the 3d version in the center.

3D Mars Stereograph

3D Mars Stereographs is a real neat way to see a 3D image of the mars land rover.  When you stare at the image make your  eyes go slitely cross eyed until the two images merge to form a center image, you will have your 3D version. Anohter method is to put your nose cloce to the image and slowly move away, althoe i find the first method works almost instantly for me! so try it out!

3D stereo graph of the mars land rover

Magic Eye Infinity Stereogram

Magic Eye Infinity Stereogram is a pretty cool one, I used to love magic eye books as a kid i will have to dig them up some time and scan some of the better ones for you guys.  This Magic Eye stereogram is of the Infinity symbol. It poped out pretty quick for me. If you have never done these before there is two tricks. One make your eyes slowly go crosseyed and it should jump out at your (works almost instantly for me) .  The second method is to go close to the screen stare into the center and slowly move away.

Stare into the Magic Eye Infinity Illusion

Throbbing Fractal Optical Illusion

The Throbbing Fractal Optical Illusion is a very trippy illusion. This image has become fairly famous on a lot of black light posters. When you stare into this star vortex it appears to be throbbing or pulsating; the throbbing effect is caused by the order of the colored over lapping layers. This causes your eyes to jump back and forth rapidly giving it the pulsating or throbbing illusion.

Throbbing Fractal, stare into the center and be prepared for a trippy visual.

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Optical Illusion

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Optical Illusion: The face on the left appears angry the one on the left is calm and happy.
What to do: Slowly move away from the computer screen and you should see the faces switch sides. Everyone will get it at a different distance so move back slowly.

Each face is a combination of the two faces the fine detail is what you see up close, when you move away you loose the detail and the raw shapes come out (happy fine detail, angry rough detail) This is based on work by Dr Aude Oliva and Dr Philippe Schyns You can read the original paper here.

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smile Illusion