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Ghostly hidden face in an old photograph

Old photographs can reveal some interesting paranormal evidence, the old black and white cameras are said to be more susceptible to energy imprints, others may claim its due to poor quality.. but every one in a while you can capture something amazing. At first this photograph may appear to be a simple family photo, upon closer inspection you can see a mans face consuming most of the picture. With Halloween just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to post this mysterious picture. It was sent in some time ago by one of our visitors along with this note
“Hello, this is an optical illusion that has been in my family for at least 60 years!

It shows a 1900s family, a father, mother and child(sitting on pappa’s knee).
holding the photo at arm’s length or greater, you can see the side profile of the face of a bTPCearded, long haired man(Jesus?). the face is center in the photo and is pointing to the left.
At the bottom of the photo, the name “DRISCOLL” is on one side and a date of 1934 is on the other.
I have no further info on this “DRISCOLL” or this photo. If you do, please send it on to me!

If anyone has any ideas or info on “DRISCOLL” be sure to post it in the comments.

Illusion Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner I figured i would post some pretty Cool Illusion Costumes that I have found. These costumes would be a hit at any party! These are some pretty clever costume designs, they arnt cheap either! But im sure with a little creativity you could build your own for a fairly low cost. hopefully this post will inspire some of you to come up with your own crazy scary Halloween costumes, and if you do be sure to send them in!

Frankenstein and severed head illusion costumes

Gorilla with man in cage and Rabbit costumes

Barbie Doll box costume and Cesar Statue costume

Spider Effect Optical Illusion

Spider Effect Optical Illusion is created using 2 images, one normal and the other inverted. The two images are flashed back and forth at a rapid pace.  The contrast shift causes your eyes to perceive the image as moving. If you stare at the theater doesn’t it look like the spider’s coming out at you? Awhile back i posted a similar illusion called Flying through space, there is also a cool 3D Dinosaur optical illusion that uses a similar principle of flashing 2 different perspectives of an image back and forth. Enjoy the Scary optical Illusion of this creeper spider!

Spider Effect Optical Illusion

Ghost Optical Illusion

The Ghost Optical Illusion was uploaded by one of your viewers.  I’m not sure who exactly uploaded it but if it was you be sure to comment and give some more into on it! If you look at the smoke around the girls you may think its cigarette smoke or breath in the cold air, I don’t really know for sure. If you look closely behind the girls you will notice a very distinct figure of a man behind them.. Is there a ghostly presence sneaking into to this photograph or is it just some optical illusion thats all up in smoke! What do you guys thing? Do you believe in the super natural?

Ghost Optical Illusion

The Descent Dali Skull Illusion

The Descent Skull Illusion is a more obvious recreation of the Silence of the Lambs Optical Illusion. If you look at the shape of the girls on this cover you will notice that they form the shape of a skull. On the Silence of the Lambs cover, there is this same image but with nude girls on the head of the moth! Originally this skull was based off an old painting called the Dali Skull. So enjoy your tidbit of movie and check out some of these Scary Optical Illusions.

The Decent Movie Poster - Skull Optical Illusion

Drowned Kid Optical Illusion

Drowned Kid Optical Illusion is an advertisement thats sends a the message of how important it is to watch your kids in the water. In a way its kind of a creepy advertisement with a very realistic look, I wouldn’t not doubt that a lot have people have jumped at the sight of it. I think the little baby in the picture is even a little disturbed. The moral of this story is to watch your kids around the water.  Scary Optical Illusions like this can be a bit creepy but defiantly make you stop to take a second look!

Scary Optical Illusion of a drowned kid send a shocking but true message.

Three Ghost Girls Optical Illusion

These three ghostly girls are doing the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil from the three monkeys. Its kinda a a strange effect ghostly effect, that can be created with simple time laps camera.  If you set the shutter speed long enough, quickly shift positions and hold each one for a second or two, i twill capture your presence giving it a ghostly effect.  Since the camera see you there as well as moved it blends the two giving it the transparent illusion.

Three ghostly girls representing the three monkeys

In The Grave Optical Illusion

In The Grave Optical Illusion is a mural with a bit of a sick sense of humor to it. You appear to be in a grave looking up at the people morning above you. Im not sure who the painter is but it is located in a company’s office in england. The two guys smoking looking up ads a nice touch! It a bit twisted but never the less a cool illusion! Quite real painting as well i might add! Be sure to check out some of the other murals as well.

in the grave mural optical illusion

Fire Face Optical Illusion

Fire Face Optical Illusion was taken by the Department of Fire and Rescue. If you look closely there are two faces hidden in the furious flames. The first face in the flames is on the larger top flame, if you look just under the top little blob u will see the for head then it will go in for the eye, then nose and mouth (with a tongue sticking out!) as you follow down the right side of the flame.

The smaller flame on the bottom has a vary blunt face that resembles a costume ball type mask.

Face Fire Optical Illusion

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