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Cow Optical Illusion

Cow Optical Illusion was a photo taken by accident by unintelligiBill. Have you ever seen such a strange cow? It changes colors mid body, its almost like a Frankenstein cow! If you pay close attention the the front legs you will notice theres is a few to many, so hey this could be Frankensteins special! But on the other hand maybe untilelligiBill just accidentally took an amazing photograph of this cow girl at just the right angle!

Cow Optical Illusion

Leaning Tower Optical Illusions

Leaning Tower Optical Illusions are really just perspective illusions.  By lining up objects and different depths you can create an optical illusion that they are the same or similar size, in this case leaning towers. The first picture is the famous Leaning tower of Pisa.
The second picture of a clock tower was taken at Puzzling World in New Zealand.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa Optical Illusion

Puzzling World Leaning Clock Tower Optical Illusion

Little People Optical Illusion

Little People Optical Illusion is a perspective optical illusion similar to the miniature people optical illusion. When playing with your camera lining up people at different people within close and further depths can gives some pretty cool shots. Then of course you could always just find some munchkins or umpalumpas! Another classic example of a perspective optical illusion is Ames room  which appears cubic but in actuality is a very oblong shape, viewed straight on gives a very cool perspective illusion.

Eating the little people optical illusion

Little People in the snow Optical Illusion

Little people and the pringles can optical illusion

Miniature man on the rocks optical illusion

3D Perspective Subway Art

3D Perspective Subway Art was created at a subway station in Bayview. These cool pieces of art look very odd and skewed when looking at them form the side, but when viewed straight on they become almost 3d and pop out at your.. its a very cool effect. Generally these perspective optical illusions are created using light and shadows to cast the design then follow the lines! Also check out these 3D Rooms, they were created by the same method.

3D Apple in the subway3D Butterfly in the Bayview subway3D Salt Shaker3D ClockHanging out on the 3D Clock

3D Room Optical Illusion

These 3D Room Optical Illusions are a very cool effect. When viewed from the right angle they produce amazing visual effects. These designs are generally created using light to portray the image across the many surfaces. They can then be painted using the light/shadows as a guideline of where to paint.

These are spectacular illusions and can be done on any surface in and any area. I have seen them on harbors, rooms, city blocks ect. Enjoy

3D painted Room

3d Room 2

3D Room 3

3D Room 5

3D Room 4

3D room 6

3D room 7

3D room 9

3D room 8

3D room 11

3D room 10
3D room 13

3D room 12

3D room 15

3D room 14

3D Painted room Illusion

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