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Madonna Mosaic

The Madonna Mosaics were recently submitted by one of our viewers. The first Madonna mosaic is made up of a large number of vanity flair magazine covers. The second is a large image of Madonna made up of many smaller pictures of Madonna!  Also check out the Bush Mosaic. There are may programs out there that will create mosaics like these simply by inputting a bunch of pictures, if you have created any of your own be sure to send them in.

Madonna Mosaic made out of Flare magazine covers

Madonna Mosaic made up of pictures of Madonna.

Nail Art Optical Illusion

This is the first time i have ever seen art done with nails! The Nail Art Optical Illusion was created by a one man a hammer and a heck of a lot of nails. The entire image is created with nails head at different heights to give it depth and dimension. He started with an image, then drew a stencil of that image onto the large piece of ply wood.

It would of took a lot of skill to be able to position each nail at the correct height to truly give this image the correct depth and to make it the masterpiece that it has become.
Nail art optical illusion 2

Nail art optical illusion 1

Nail art optical illusion 4

Nail art optical illusion 3