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Ghostly hidden face in an old photograph

Old photographs can reveal some interesting paranormal evidence, the old black and white cameras are said to be more susceptible to energy imprints, others may claim its due to poor quality.. but every one in a while you can capture something amazing. At first this photograph may appear to be a simple family photo, upon closer inspection you can see a mans face consuming most of the picture. With Halloween just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to post this mysterious picture. It was sent in some time ago by one of our visitors along with this note
“Hello, this is an optical illusion that has been in my family for at least 60 years!

It shows a 1900s family, a father, mother and child(sitting on pappa’s knee).
holding the photo at arm’s length or greater, you can see the side profile of the face of a bTPCearded, long haired man(Jesus?). the face is center in the photo and is pointing to the left.
At the bottom of the photo, the name “DRISCOLL” is on one side and a date of 1934 is on the other.
I have no further info on this “DRISCOLL” or this photo. If you do, please send it on to me!

If anyone has any ideas or info on “DRISCOLL” be sure to post it in the comments.

Devil horns peer over clouds in the sky

Devil horns peer over clouds in the sky is a neat illusion. There appears to be fiery devil horns appearing over the clouds just above the church. Almost a subtle good versus evil battle going in the picture. this picture kind of looks as if it was photoshopped or maybe just a really cool shot of an eclipse 😛 well we are on the topic of the sky for anyone who hasn’t seen the post on the moon illusion be sure to check it out, kinda of a cool illusion my mother nature herself. One other that is a really cool picture is of the northern lights from space.

Devil horns peer over the clouds looking down on the church

Jesus Toast Art Illusion

This creative piece of art is made completely from Toast! With six toasters running all on different heat settings aka different burntness levels… One creative artist has created this masterpiece. This photo was taken at an street art show in Berlin Germany.

The first one resembles Jesus and was made with some simple toasters.

Jesus toast illusion

Jesus Toast Art

The Second one is a little more complicated, it requires a little more planning on how to burn the toast, and shaped elements, but a neat effect!
Extreme Toast Art