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Living Painting Illusion


Recently i have been trying to learn to airbrush and have become intreated with how realistic a painting can be. Have you ever seen a painting so life like you though it was real? The young girl in this photo painted an image so real it appears to come to life and touch her. Is this a fairly tail love story.. or just a little trickery?  That is for you to decide! Just for another spin on the 3d/coming to life check out this 3d paper art that seems to jump off the page at you.



Leaning Tower of Wanaka

Leaning Tower of Wanaka is part of a display at Puzzling World in New Zealand.  Leaning tower optical illusions are usually just that, an optical illusion.. but in the case well the tower isnt actually all that vertical. Puzzeling world offers tuns of great illusions such as ames room,  puzzles, a giant maze and tuns of mind games. I cant say I have personally been there yet, but its defiantly on my list!

Great Leaning Tower of Wanaka at puzzling world in New Zealand
Credit to this great photo goes to mojcek.

Floating Hammer and Ruler Optical Illusion

Floating Hammer and Ruler Optical Illusion is a simple yet puzzling illusion. The ruler holds up the hammer or dose the hammer hold the ruler? Is there some hidden strings? A carefully placed hidden nail holding it all together? or something we are missing or do they work together in perfect balance! Personally I think its all to do with balancing and the center of gravity, but what do you guys thing? any solutions to this mystery?

While on the subject of hammer and nail be sure to check out this amazing Nail Art.

Ruler optical illusion holding up the hammer

3D Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion

The 3D Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion plays with your eyes through an altered perception. What appears to be a normal house in the still pictures bit is actually made of three concave angles that appear to be coming out wards; this effect makes the house appear to always be popping out at you no matter what angle you view it. The third image below helps explain this a little more. The Video should give you a full understanding, this very cool yet impossiable illusion!

optical illusion house

Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion

3D impossible house optical illusion


Liquid Flames Optical Illusion

These Water Flame is an very very cool optical illusion. Im not sure if they are actual photo shops or an extremely fast shutter speed.
I have recently seen a tutorial on how to create this effect in photoshop so there is a good chance thats how they are created. On the other hand it could be good timing an super fast shutter speeds! Regardless its a super cool effect!

Lighter Water Flame

Zippo Lighter Water Flame

Candle Water Flame

Match Water Flame

Candle Water Flame
Candle Water Flame

Impossible Triangle Statue Optical Illusion

The Impossible Triangle Statue Optical Illusion is a bit of a different spin at the impossible triangle, most of them are disconnected edges that appear to be as one complete triangle at the right angle. This Impossible Triangle is actually connect at all the points and appears a regular triangle from one direction, When viewed from the side it appears to just be a wavy triangle.

I’m not sure where it is located or where the picture was taken but its a cool statue!

Impossible Triangle Statue Optical Illusion