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Puddle Images – Bomber Plane


Hidden images can appear almost anywhere, some say you see what you want to see and you can find a picture in anything.. and some seem to think pictures or symbols appear for a reason.

Sonya writes in “Hi I thought I would send you this photo I took yesterday of two almost dried up puddles that I spotted while I was out walking down a path in Peterborough, UK. I felt that I had to photograph them
as to me they instantly made me think they depicted a plane dropping a bomb. I know it’s not a funny picture or an inspiring one but these almost dried out puddles made me stop and think about what is going on in the world today.”puddle-plane-bomber

Ghostly hidden face in an old photograph

Old photographs can reveal some interesting paranormal evidence, the old black and white cameras are said to be more susceptible to energy imprints, others may claim its due to poor quality.. but every one in a while you can capture something amazing. At first this photograph may appear to be a simple family photo, upon closer inspection you can see a mans face consuming most of the picture. With Halloween just around the corner it seems like the perfect time to post this mysterious picture. It was sent in some time ago by one of our visitors along with this note
“Hello, this is an optical illusion that has been in my family for at least 60 years!

It shows a 1900s family, a father, mother and child(sitting on pappa’s knee).
holding the photo at arm’s length or greater, you can see the side profile of the face of a bTPCearded, long haired man(Jesus?). the face is center in the photo and is pointing to the left.
At the bottom of the photo, the name “DRISCOLL” is on one side and a date of 1934 is on the other.
I have no further info on this “DRISCOLL” or this photo. If you do, please send it on to me!

If anyone has any ideas or info on “DRISCOLL” be sure to post it in the comments.

Bear In the Waves Optical Illusion

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusions is one those hidden image Optical Illusions but not really all that hidden.  If you look into the waves you may notice a big polar bear rushing towards the waves.  Hidden Animals Optical Illusion is also another Optical illusion that has tuns of hidden creatures for your searching pleasure. 7 Hidden Horses is also another good ones, those previous two are a little more work.. so happy searching!

Bear in the Waves Optical Illusion

Huatulco Stone Face Optical Illusion

Huatulco Stone Face Optical Illusion is an actually picture taken in the  in Huatulco Mexico. Huatulco being a fairly natural and untouched city has numbers hidden beaches and bays just waiting to be explored. The vivid stone face has become a tourist site seeing destination for Huatulco. Mother nature has its way of hiding lots of hidden faces such as the face in the fire optical illusion, or the lady in the tree optical illusion. Also be sure to check out some of the other Hidden Image Optical Illusions.

Huatulco Stone Face in Organo bay

Lady in the Tree Optical Illusion

Lady in the Tree Optical Illusion is a snapshot that was taken of an actual tree, it appears to of been “enhanced” a bit but i cant confirm that for sure. The tree appears to have the shape of a nude woman grown into the tree branches. This womans figure is quite defined leading me to believe that it was photos hoped to enhance the curves and add a bit of an edge to mother natures beauty. As i was writing this i notices there are a few hidden faces in the tree branches! Try to find them all!

Nude lady growing in the tree branches

Fire Face Optical Illusion

Fire Face Optical Illusion was taken by the Department of Fire and Rescue. If you look closely there are two faces hidden in the furious flames. The first face in the flames is on the larger top flame, if you look just under the top little blob u will see the for head then it will go in for the eye, then nose and mouth (with a tongue sticking out!) as you follow down the right side of the flame.

The smaller flame on the bottom has a vary blunt face that resembles a costume ball type mask.

Face Fire Optical Illusion

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