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Google Earth Ipod Shuffle

Theres a lot of strange thing you can find on Google earth.. including this Giant Ipod Shuffle!
It looks like a farmers field with a horse pen or something on it? either that or a hard core apple enthusiast. Heres the map link. Unfortunately it looks like he moved the pen on the map since i first saw this. maybe his ipod died! still a pretty cool effect.. if you find anything cool while killing time on Google earth, be sure to submit it!

Giant Ipod Shuffle on Google earth

Area 51 Aline Face on Google Earth

Area 51 Alien face was found on Google Earth very close to the the alien research base Area 51 in Nevada. This is a nice twist on crop circles! The face is quite distinct, and unlike a crop circle its made out of dirt rather then a bunch of squished down wheat. The alien face should be to hard to make out, it popped out at me right away. Do you think this is just a random fluke? or are aliens actually leaving their mark.

The Aliens are watching, even at area 51!