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Disappearing Yellow Dots Optical Illusions

Disappearing Yellow Dots Optical Illusions is a pretty neat effect. If you stare into the center of the three yellow you will still notice the blue dots spinning around but after a few seconds the yellow dots should start to disappear. If you change your focus position the yellow dots will reappear but as long as you are focused on the center of the three they should start vanishing on you! Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.
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Stare into the center of the three yellow dots and they will Disappear right before your eyes

Blind Spot Test

Now people like to think they don’t but Everyone has a Blind Spot. This test will prove it to you!

Blind spots also known as scotma, which is an obstruction in your visual field. This happens when you lack some of the light detecting photoreceptor cells on the retina. Your brain as powerful as it is, uses data from your other eye to fill in any information that is missing, so your blind spot is not normally noticeable.

Take the test
Start fairly close to the screen and slowly move out if it dosnt work at first. Close your left eye and stare at the plus sign with your right eye, keep your focus on the plus, at some point along the track the dark moving ball will disappear… When it dose, you have found your blind spot!

Blind Spot Test