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Body Paint

Body paint can be a pretty cool thing, when you were a kid im sure you got your face painted. But have you ever had your full body painted? You might not even need to bother with clothes anymore, with some of the body art below you almost wouldn’t even know they were naked! You may also like the Body paint Bikinis and Lingerie or some of the other body paint clothing.  The rolling stones body paint below is pretty cool, i love the wet wrinkeled shirt look. Another favorite is the astrological body paint, check out your sign! If you ever decide to strip down and get a new paint job be sure to send it in 🙂

Rolling Stones Body Paint

France China Soccer Body Paint

Music Cowgirl body paint

Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint

World Cup Soccer Body Paint 2

Painted Cigarette

The Painted Cigarette is a pretty cool self portrait style illusions I found on flickrHawhawjames has some pretty crazy self portraits, everything from zebras to gremlin type creatures, so if i have a chance check it out.  The Painted Cigarette below caught my eye cause it looks fairly real and fool most people without closer inspection.  Just think how much fun you could have walking through malls and restaurants with this face paint job.. especially  the non smoking ones 🙂

painted cigarette

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion is one strange tattoo, its more on the creepy side then the illusion side but still a neat effect. I have seen lots of strange tattoos including the Muscle Tattoo along with some of these other strange tattoo optical illusions. This Frankenstein style tattoo is a neat illusion in the fact that it appears to have the skin pealed open like a can revealing some lovely human brain in side, zombies would be all over this guy!

Brain Tattoo Optical Illusion

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie

Body Paint Bikinis and Lingerie are some pretty cool body paints. At first you wouldn’t even notice the difference with out a closer look.  The first couple lady’s are wearing a some lovely painted bikinis which look extremely real, the last is wearing a sexy set of lingerie.  All of these look extremely real, the only real give away at least for me is the shape of the breast from certain angles. For some other great body paints check out the Astrological Body paints.  Also be sure to check out the ever popular Painted Hand Optical Illusion.

Sexy Body paint Bikini at the beach

Cute pink painted on bikini

painted on bikini with matching top

Sexy painted on Lingerie

Body Paint clothing

Body Paint Clothing gives a whole new meaning to the term, “wearing your birthday suit”. The first girl, is completely nude but appears to be wearing a suite. Her clothing has been airbrushed onto her giving it a very realistic effect. The second picture is of a girl wearing an airbrushed Linux suite with then penguins covering her nipples. This is a good one for all you hardcore Linux users out there (she would make a perfect background lol). Body paint can look extremely real when done by a professional, at car shows i have seen some where you don’t even notice they are nude until u come up to take a closer look. Previously I posted some Camouflage Body painted girls, they are really neat.

Birthday suit painted on with body paint

Nude girl with  body paint clothing for a Linux computer confrence

Who needs jeans when you can paint them on! well at least the older guy to the left sure likes it :P

Tattoo Optical Illusions

While browsing the net the other day I came across a very strange Tattoo Optical Illusions, these tattoos were designed to trick ones eyes and take a second glance to try and figure out what the heck was going on.. Personally I don’t know how you could do that to your self but hey each to their own. The first would be a weird one to see, the guy has tattooed a face on the back of his head. cutting his hair to appear as facial hair on his tattoo, This give a whole new meaning to the term two faced! I have No idea how he would do that to himself permanently but its kinda of neat to see (in a creepy way!) The second is of an intense wound being held together with giant stitches, this one looks quite real and gives him a nice Frankenstein effect! The last one is a little strange, he has a tattoo of his face on his arm, so when hes blocking the bright sun out of his eyes, you would still be able to see those nice eyes, mom would be so proud! Kinda like a jackass thing to do (yes I mean the movie!)
To check out something a little more on the cute side, be sure to check out the painted hand animals!

A tattooed rear creates a two faced tattoo effect on this mans head.

Frankenstein is back with this very realistic stitches tattoo

Tattoo of his face on his arm

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