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Rejoice Comb Billboard

Rejoice Comb Billboard is a creative new design that is defiantly going to catch some attention. The billboard reads “Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner”. The ad itself is a great way to drive the point of de-tangling, especially with that rat nest of power lines. I sure hope that sign isnt conductive 🙂 For some other cool billboards check out the Lord of the Rings edition.

Rejoice Comb Billboard

Rejoice Comb Billboard

Lord of the Rings 3D Billboards

Lord of the Rings 3D Billboards Leave a lasting with out using a single word. LOTR is very popular movie trilogy full of mystical creatures and enchanted lands. These bill boards are giant lifelike recreations of some of the movies characters. These giant Creatures were created and displayed throughout New Zealand on everywhere from hotels to shopping centers. Nazgual the dragon, Smeagul and Gollum the troll and the dark knight who was once a peacefully hobbit but was transformed by the ring!

Gollum from Lord of the Rings

LOTR Dark Night Billboard
Lord of the Rings ORC creature

LOTR Giant arrow into the side of a building

Weight loss billboard Optical Illusion

Good billboard advertisements have always been a favorite of mine, especially when they contain some sort of cleaver optical illusion in them. the Weight loss billboard Optical Illusion are two advertisement illusion that have I have seen targeted at loosing that gut you are carrying around. Sweetex did the first billboard below with a simple yet effect way to add a little more effect to their billboard. Silbermans model was a little to heavy.. even for the billboard!

Sweetex weight loss billboard

Silberman Weight Loss Billboard Optical Illusion

Group E Electric Billboard Optical Illusions

The Group E power company in Switzerland has come up with these Electric Billboard Optical Illusions as a bold eye catching way to remind people of the services they provide. These Electric billboards have over size plugs coming out of them attached to various objects around them such as light posts, parking gates, bus stops and banking machines. Group E is a Swiss Electrical company providing power to a good chunk of Switzerland. These over sized plug Billboards are a simple but cool advertising optical illusion.

Group E billboard powers an underground parking gate

Group E billboard powers the bus stop ticket machine

Group E billboard powering this swiss banking machine.

Street light powered by a Group E billboard

Extreme Billboards

These Extreme Billboards are very creative forms of catching your eye and making your remember the add. The first Extreme Billboard. The First Razor Billboard is a cool one. Im not sure what company it is but its defiantly a disposable razor one! Its cute one.
The Second Billboard is Giant Adidas Billboard of a Soccer player spanning across a highway; by far one of the largest i have ever seen. The third is the Bubble Gum Billboard.. kinda of creative. The forth is a Cingular dropped calls billboard hehe its a very cool one! would defiantly attract your attention.

Be sure to check out some of the other Billboard illusions… and don’t forget to submit any new ones you find!

Razor Billboard Optical Illusion

Adidas Extreme Billboard

Bubble Gum Billboard

Cingular Dropped Calls Billboard

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