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Illusory motion – Static Motion Optical Illusion

Illusory Motion or self-animating images is a type of optical illusion that tricks your mind into seeing motion in a static image. This cognitive effect is created by using contrasting colors and shapes. Self-animating images are created using repeating asymmetric patters. Shape and color will also determine the strength or impact of the image illusion.   This image set was created and sent in by Anh Pham. For more great “animated” static images check out the Ferris wheel illusion, or the flying beetle motion illusion.

Tesseract Optical Illusion

Tesseract is an 8 Cell regular cube, the outer surface consists of 6 square sides while the hyper surface has 8 cubical cells.  This amazing tesseract cube illusion morphs it self inside out back into its self again.  This glass cube is an spectactualr display of geometry and glass art.For some other Gemoetry illusions, check out the 3d Painted rooms, the impossible cube, or a pretty cool reflection cube.  Just think, back in elementry school you probally never liked geometry, just look at the cool illusions you were missing out on!

Tesseract Cube

Tesseract Cube

Ferris wheel Optical Illusion

The Ferris Wheel Optical Illusion was submitted by one of your users. This image is based off some of the more well known static animation illusions like the moving gears, spinning circles, or the spinning tunnels optical illusion. These images work by using different shading techniques that cause your eye to shift around giving the objects the illusion that they are moving. It doesn’t always work right away for everyone but generally if you stare at one of the circles the other ones will start to move around the ones you are focusing on.  Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

spinning Ferris wheels optical illusion

Optical Illusion Moving Image

This awesome Optical Illusion is a new twist on some the old Spinning Tunnel Optical Illusion.  The artist has turned that pattern into a vortex with some funky flying VB Beatles and mirror balls flying out of it.  The image is a jpeg not an animated gif, which is part of what makes it an optical illusion! If you stare into the vortex it appears that the edges are sucking into itself.  In actuality this is a static image and not moving at all, your eyes shift focus of the contrasted dot edges. This difference on contrast on the blue circles is what gives the illusion that the image is in motion.

Optical Illusion of being sucked into the vortex

Flying Through Space Optical Illusion

Flying Through Space is a simple yet pretty neat illusion. This man appears to be flying across the screen, but in fact he is barley moving, the animation is made up of only four frames, two normal and two inverted. One of the inverted frames and one of the normal ones the man is shift up and over a nudge. When all four frames are flashed in a row it appears he is for ever moving forward in a continuous motion, when in fact hes slipping back and forth only a few pixels, this is masked by the image being inverted. Also be sure to check out the Dinosaur and Beach animated illusions.This is another great addition to the Animation Illusions.

Flying Through Space Optical Illusion

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