Giant underwater sculpture

Under water sculptures are not something you see every day. I got certified for scuba diving a few years back and tend to get excited when i find anything different underwater.. Just imagine swimming up to this 18′ tall rock giant lurking under sea. This masterpiece  was created by the artist Jason deCaires Taulor.  Jason has numerous works of under masterpieces such as the underwater sculpture park. Jasons latest sculpture is located off the coast of Nassau in the bahamas.

In effort to keep to add beauty with out affecting the environment the statue is made from a PH-neutral cement.  This marine safe compound allows for corals and other reef inhabitants to thrive and create a natural reef around the underwater art.  If you are ever in Nassau be sure to put on those flippers and snorkel or dive out to see this underwater work of art.


snorkeling-destination-dive-park underwater-statue statue-admiring-the-sun marine-reef-sculpture


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