The amazing way we can trick our brain

Photo editing has gone one step further into the world of bizarre and abstract images. VisualFunHouse is a site aimed at designers to admire some incredible graphics work and upload some of their own. Here we see some entertaining and mind boggling pictures of animals with alternative heads, which makes a very strange concoction of creature, from a Lion-roo to a Wolf-pigeon. Software like Photo-shop can be used to create this type of illusion.

So while you are chatting the friends online, or you’re between games on why not have a look at these quirky and unusual illusions and share the link with your friends Some will make you laugh, while others will just make you squirm. We not only see strange animals, but humans becoming invisible within a background and unusual motorcycle helmets.

7 invisible men

Further down the page we see a house totally upside down, with the roof immersed in the ground. It looks so realistic and believable, you could almost believe it for a second, if someone told you there was a bad hurricane.

As you scroll down even more, you see people in a house with everything out of proportion. There is even a magical bathroom where the floor is the sky. These are clever editing skills used to manipulate a photo, but how do real optical illusions work?


An illusion is a distortion of the senses, it confuses the brain and interrupts its normal organization. In visual illusions, people’s depth and motion perception changes. This is misinterpreted by the brain to give us a false image.

The information gathered by the eye is then processed by the brain, but it does not represent the real physical measurement.

Our brains are incredible, but they can be fooled sometimes. The brain constructs a whole world, using previous sights and pieces of the surrounding environment. Occasionally the brain will fill in the gaps for us, presuming we are seeing something that doesn’t actually exist.

The Checker Shadow illusion was creeated by Edward H Adelson in 1885. The board seems to have white and black squares (like a chess board), however, they are exactly the same color. It seems impossible, but it is the brain playing tricks on you.


  • I may be stupid so please explain how the two squares A and B are the same shade of grey please?

  • if u print the pick and fold the paper so that the two squares are next to each other u will see

  • Paddy O'Furniture

    The illusion is based on shading and the relation of each square to its surroundings. Square B is in the shadow of the cylinder. Even though it is a lighter colored square, the shading makes it darker, and the surrounding dark squares are proportionately darker. Try this: copy the image into Paint program. Select a piece of one of the squares and drag it to the other. That should make a believer out of you.

  • Current MIT professor Edward Adelson might be totally amazed to see that he created his checkerboard illusion 127 years ago. The 1885 date is an illusion.

  • all i see is dark grey(A) en light grey(B)….WHO DOESNT SEE THAT…UNLESS U GAT A PROB WIT YO EYES

  • If u look up optical illusions on wikipedia it shows u how they are the same shade

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