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Optical Illusion Speed Bumps

Optical Illusion Speed Bumps are a new innovative idea aimed at slowing down drivers on the road. From a distance these perspective triangles look like small pyramids on the road.  These “speed bumps” are currently being tested and deployed in business and residential areas in Philadelphia.  As most of you might expect the novelty would wear off and after a few month drives would become accustom to this illusion and resume higher speeds; in an effort to combat them real police officer are randomly monitoring them ensuring motorist are obeying the slower posted sped limits.  What do you think about this idea? at the price of about 70$ its alot more affordable then an 800$ speed bump.. would they slow you down? I mean hey, I would probally slow down just to check out the funky street art 🙂

Optical Illusion Speed bumps set out to slow down motorists

Cloud Optical Illusions

Clouds Optical Illusions are created using common objects with clouds as your paint and the sky as your canvas. Using some creative props and angles you can come up with some pretty amazing shots. Similar illusions like the Statue Blowing the Clouds and spraying out the clouds. Although not all of these are created by special perspectives. One of Mother natures great phanomana’s Mammatus Clouds which are a spectacular site to see!

Spraying out the clouds Optical Illusion, a little here a little there

wooden man Grabbing the Clouds

Shooting streaks into the sky

Dragon Blowing smoke into the sky

Pouring clouds out of a can of Tilt

Spread those Clouds out, nice and smooth

Morphing Cube Optical Illusion

The Morphing Cube statue is a pretty wild statue, its shaped like a giant jack and appears to morph or change shape as you walk around it. This creative statue is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. When viewed from the side it looks like it is completely flat, when vied from another side it appears all bendy and out of whack, and form yet another angle it looks like a huge chunky statue. It really is a pretty cool effect.. well enough of my rambling check out the pictures for your self.

Chunky Block Version of the cube structure

Side view revealing the full thickness of the cube structure

The morphing cube structure is shrinking!

Viewed from the side the cube structure it looks completely flat.

Underwater Sculpture Park

This Underwater Sculpture Park in simply amazing, these pieces were all created on land and taken down about 4-6m to their underwater resting place divers and snorkelers to see. This is a creative twist on an art gallery! Jason Taylor is the master mind behind these under water sculptures. Jason has gained international recognition for his art work in using it to help build an artificial underwater reef. I hope to visit these in person some time, I just got my Diving certification last summer! Aside from being side tracked enjoy this magnificent underwater art gallery!

Underwater statue office worker, poor guys is typing at his desk till the bitter end!

Underwater statue of an office worker at his desk

Statue before it is taken down to its underwater resting place

artwork underwater

Underwater lady statue surrounded by fish

Underwater Face sculpture

Statue of Women laying on the ocean floor

Underwater statues laying on the ocean floor

Underwater circle of children

Underwater children statues

underwater art faces

Underwater Mask art

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions

14 Perfect Shot Photography Illusions is a collections of some of the most creative shots on the internet, some photographs were planned while others were just the right spot at the right time. Manny of these make great optical illusions, or at least get a second take. In this photography optical illusion gallery timing is everything! Enjoy this spectacular gallery, and be sure to keep on submitting!

Talk about stretch armstrong, that soccer player has to have the worlds longest arm.

Everybody Legs up! now this is kinda of a crazy coincident, even the dogs are joining in!

Headless ice figure skater, just the right angle to catch this show, the poor girl is headless.

Headless man and statue, now this is one is a another crazy coincident, not just that the man is headless in those but the statue is as well!

Headless Mirror Man, kind of a neat shot,the mirror is a nice touch to make it looks like both hands are out there.

Now we have all seen the commercials of the lamp heads, this is proof they do exist!

That is one tall man, this is a perfectly light up reflection of the bottom half of another man at just the right second to line the two up.

Awe such a pretty picture, they got the perfect shot of her in that magazine!

This man is Kicking over the leaning tower of pizza!

Sniper cat, this is one cat you don
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