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Global Warming Optical Illusion

The Global Warming Advertisement Optical Illusion is one of those eye catching ads that you can not help but to stop to stare at.  The melted ice cream truck is an extreme example of the possible effects of global warming.  With global warming becoming more and more prevalent in our world, its something that defiantly an issue that needs to be looked at.  Going green is the new fad in stopping global warming and is essential in saving our planet. So I hope this poor ice cream truck helps send out the message!

Melted Ice Cream Truck Global Warming Advertisement

Paparazzi Photo Optical Illusion

At first glance the Paparazzi Optical Illusion appears to be a photo of a strange man taking a picture of you through the back window.  This one would defiantly creep me out if I was driving behind him.  Upon closer inspection you will notice you can see his legs as well as the rest of the interior of the SUV.  This nifty illusion is actually a high resolution vehicles wrap decal, much like you see on bus’s and company vehicle’s.  As creepy as it is at first its a pretty cool optical illusion that is strikingly realistic!

Paparazzi Spying at you through the back of a SUV

The Rubin Freshness Bag Optical Illusion

The Rubin Freshens Bag Optical Illusion is part of their operating campaign to show how their bags can keep anything fresh. In this add they used a giant Freshness Bag in order to preserve a tree. If you look at the trees in the background, all of the leaves have fallen off for winter the the tree in the Rubin freshness bag is still perfect with all of its bright green leaves. All though the tree is actually covered in plastic leaves glued to the branches, this illusion creates an excellent eye catching advertisement.
Giant Rubin freshness bag covers this large tree keeping the leaves nice and green.

Group E Electric Billboard Optical Illusions

The Group E power company in Switzerland has come up with these Electric Billboard Optical Illusions as a bold eye catching way to remind people of the services they provide. These Electric billboards have over size plugs coming out of them attached to various objects around them such as light posts, parking gates, bus stops and banking machines. Group E is a Swiss Electrical company providing power to a good chunk of Switzerland. These over sized plug Billboards are a simple but cool advertising optical illusion.

Group E billboard powers an underground parking gate

Group E billboard powers the bus stop ticket machine

Group E billboard powering this swiss banking machine.

Street light powered by a Group E billboard

Duracell Battery Powered Optical Illusion

As part of Duracell’s new advertisement strategy they have created many Battery Powered Optical Illusions. The first is of a Duracell battery powered escalator, this one has been placed at the bottom of escalators in major shopping malls. The second is the Duracell battery powered electrical box, which has been randomly spotted in major city’s. These are both cleaver eye catching ads, I mean hey if those 2 battery’s can power an escalator or a giant electrical box just think what they can do for you 🙂

Duracell Powered Escalator, those batteries pack a lot of power!

Duracell Battery powered electrical box randomly situated through major citys.

Science World Beaver Tree Optical Illusion

Science world always has new eye catching adds, one of their latest is this Beaver Tree Optical Illusion. From a distance it appears that these trees have been attacked by a heard of beavers! At first i thought it actually was eaten by a beaver then held up by a plastic tube surrounding the bite marks, in actuality its just a wrap around sign of a high resolution photo of an actual tree eaten by a beaver. Science world has done it again with this cleaver add, it would make just about anyone take a closer look.
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Science World add of trees eaten down by a beaver

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