Body Paint Optical Illusions

Body Paint Optical Illusions can be pretty cool. Like some of the body paint clothing and the astrological body paint I have always loved this type of art. The ones below are kind of strange but and a little different. The first is a Superman Body paint with a bit missing on the back end. The second is kind of an Adam and Eve kind of look. The third… well those puppies are kind of self explanatory. Forth is of a giant violin painted to the contours of her body. Last but not least is a face painted on the girls breath and the mouth and nose on her stomach, this one kind of looks photoshopped to me so not 100% if its body paint (according to the person who submitted it it is but ill let you guys decide) Its pretty trippy picture.

Superman body paint

Eve body paint

Painted Puppies!

Violin Body Paint

Face on breast and belly - very strange picture

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